The Titans terribly ‘Music City Miracle’ effort vs. Bill

The Tennessee Titans tried to recreate the most iconic drama in franchise history in Monday night’s football match against the Buffalo Bills.

The Titans were able to deeply stop the offense of the Defense Bills in their territory, forcing the visiting team to put pressure on them. Chester Rogers of the Titans was tasked with returning the pont. However, the wide receiver decided to do something a little different.

Rogers grabbed the ball and immediately threw a cross-field lateral to Chris Jackson, who ran about 20 yards before being tackled by the Bills Special Timmer.

But officials flagged the play as Rogers’ early pass to Jackson went ahead. See the full sequence here:

If the play had stood, it could have been a huge dynamic swing for the Titans and put them in a good field position to start their next drive.

What is the play ‘Music City Miracle’?

In the wild card round of the 1st NFL Play-Offs, the Titans took home the bills and were one point behind with just 1 second left in the game.

The Titans wide receiver Frank Wycheck grabbed the Bills short kickoff and threw a lateral to Kevin Dyson, who rushed to the field for a 75-yard touchdown and ensured an impossible win for the home side.

It was later revealed that the play was not drawn to catch Dyson’s ball. He was put in for a play titled “Home Run Throwback” and he was in the game because receiver Derrick Mason made a concussion and team safety Anthony Dorset Jr. was cramping.

Coach Jeff Fisher then explained that he had to give Dyson a summary of how the play was supposed to work:

“I went to Pasha [Kevin Dyson] During the TV deadline, and said, ‘Remember the home run throwback from practice?’ He said he never paid attention to it. So I told him to stay 10 yards back for whatever we wanted – whatever [Frank] Wycheck and out of numbers, then get ready for the ball and get as much as possible. “

The original plan was for Dyson to pick up a few yards and then go out of bounds so that the Titans could score a field goal, but Dyson saw that there was nothing but green grass in front of him and decided to go all the way.

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