The summer bitcoin recession could bring a lot of yields

The stars are older than all of us, and older than history. Still Bring astrology to the Bitcoin crowd, And in most cases the reaction is doubtful or even ridiculous. Both studies and cryptocurrency have several similarities, such as a mathematical basis, cyclical behavior, and unusual financial application.

If you’re the type to believe, or just curious, there’s going to be a significant full moon, which will lead to the autumn equinox tomorrow. How can this seasonal change affect cryptocurrency market trends and apply to how mathematics is believed to be a pure myth?

The September harvest moon can bring in grants for tough summer work

All the planets revolve around the sun. It is believed that each person will have a certain effect on their position at birth and then at specific moments. It can affect all kinds of seasons depending on the rotation and arrangement of the planets. The farmer’s calendar uses this type of cycle to predict how much snow is in each winter, for example.

Some combinations speak of famine, drought, or misery. For example, historians believe that the triple combination of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars caused the Black Death Plague.

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The late WD Gann uses planetary effects with mathematics to accurately predict the top and bottom of the “legend”. He didn’t teach anyone his technique, but left all sorts of bizarre mathematical tools that some people know how to take advantage of.

So how does all this affect Bitcoin?

The Harvest full moon hasn't appeared on the chart yet its so fresh | Source: BTCUSD on

Only the new moon and full moon charts show a significant correlation with the price action of bitcoin. Just last night BTC sank near $ 40,000 as the full moon of summer and the last full moon of summer were gone. The moon was named because farmers used moonlight to work late into the night to harvest the annual crop before the cold months.

It was a long, hard summer for crypto holders, but this moon could be a sign that it’s time to harvest the fruits of one’s labor as soon as the autumn equinox hits.

Could the fall-and-gold ratio be the key to the next bitcoin peak?

The equinox signal is changing. Season you change; Those asons change human behavior based on tur. Seasonal realities in financing, hence the phrase “sell in May, and leave”. The opposite idea is called the Halloween effect, where investors buy assets for sale during the holidays when the enthusiasm is greatest.

Seasonality and inequality do not always work with the first cryptocurrency, but when the harvest is combined with the power of the full moon and other favorable mathematical positions, there are some special recipes.


After holding above the golden ratio, the final leg up comes in the autumn | Source: BTCUSD on

With every bitcoin bull run, every final leg-up has begun in the autumn heterogeneity, reaching new all-time highs before the winter equinox arrives. Since the fall comes every year, but the same effect does not occur, the necessary element for the liftoff is a withdrawal of the gold ratio.

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The price of Bitcoin has always returned to the gold ratio before moving towards the end of the cycle. It was never fulfilled under the cycle. If the same scenario continues, anyone who survives the chilly heat of summer will have a very joyous holiday season.

To be completely clear, everything written here is pure assumptions based on interrelationships and past cycles and performance. These are not a guarantee of future results. But when math is added and Fibonacci is everywhere in nature, why the sum of the full moon, the autumn equinox and bitcoin would not be something very interesting.

In conclusion, we will leave you with a quote from JP Morgan:

Millionaires do not use astrology, millionaires do.

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