The streets of NYC where your fall style can be found

For style lovers, fashion is the heartbeat of New York City. Of course, many different aesthetics create the landscape and each neighborhood has its own distinct style sensibility. Authentic stitching and classic silhouettes define the upper east. Indifferent eastern village blocks like Bowery and St. Mark’s Place, the vibe is more eclectic, with a wine mix grunge. The decor formula of Soho and Greenwich Village is that it is an artistic blend of trend and cool minimal clothing. And in midtown, smooth professionals flood the sidewalks, equipped with sharp suits and advanced accessories.

Whether you’re part of New York City’s exciting style scene or take inspiration from it on a regular basis, one thing’s for sure: there’s a clear excitement around getting dressed again this fall. And a fashion item at the top of the style checklist for many New Yorkers? Can complete a day in the big city with an iconic bag style.

Enter the villain. A timeless and versatile design by coach executive creative director Stuart Weavers, the bag debuted as the vibrant spirit of the versatile woman of New York City on the 201 runway. For 2021, the re-launched Rogue Channels have been the attraction and flavor of the city’s style icons for decades, but with an updated mix of coach signature colors and sparkling motifs – all intended to stand out in the crowd. Respecting the practical dirty attitude of the coach’s hometown, the lightweight bag provides a variety of departmental sections and a series of interchangeable straps designed for crowds on the city’s various streets.

Scroll to discover the four dynamic looks anchored by the coach’s iconic bag. Each outfit, complemented by a sleek and practical handbag, embodies both a splash of sophistication and humor বড় big city style and villain.

Mixing and matching iconic motifs

Jacqueline Michael

Rogue in Elephant Print


Like the iconic icons in the Times Square souvenir shops – the Statue of Liberty statues from “I Heart NY” teas and the yellow taxi cab magnet – there are some New York City symbols that simply inspire joy. For their 2021 collection, Coach taps into the brand’s memorable motifs and takes them to the front-and-center. Whether the house is a classic leather bag printed with the trademark elephant symbol or a signature coach Jacquard embroidered with cartoon ducks, The Rogue reflects what is known for New York City. Now to bring these heritage themed motifs, look at the print from head to toe that definitely stands out.

Midtown-Hostel Heroes

Rogue 17 In Colorblock


9 to 5 crowds throng through the most amazing Midtown Landmark in Empire City হয় think Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Grand Central Station, and Bryant Park. Coach Rug perfectly partners with the big city professionals ’preferred decor and chic suits. A well-organized interior fit for city-wide travel and a sweet exterior that works for meetings and after-hours events, this is the kind of bag that guarantees you instant style points. Call it the ultimate office attire.

Street style


Jacqueline Michael

Rogue 25 In Colorblock


You never know when you’ll end up in a magical moment on the streets of New York City. Have a quick coffee on Saturday morning or have lunch with friends? You want to look good coming and going, especially if you have to wear a dress and grab your bag on the way out through the door. The hands-free nature of cross-body straps, like Rogus, is the key to the fly style – it keeps the things you need organized and secure, as well as off-duty pieces like a well-loved tea and jeans, no matter where you go. Why.

Inspirational silhouettes


Jacqueline Michael

Rogue 25 In Elephant Jacquard

In a constantly evolving city, changing attitudes, as seen from above, are often inspiring. Many of the recurrences of the disease are spread by the silhouettes of the city skyline. From the geometric art deco shape of the Empire State Building to the modern smoothness of One World Trade, the cleanliness of the disease, the geometric lines are as compelling as the dynamic views and buildings. No matter which way you wear the versatile silhouette of the disease – be it with a rich textured sheerling coat or smooth leather pants – the look will surely be as eye-catching as the city.

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