The southwest flight was delayed on the fourth day

Southwest Airlines blamed aviation control and weather because massive flight cancellations and delays extended to the fourth day, while its pilot union said disruptions signaled how the airline’s extra pressures were under pressure.

Dallas Airlines canceled 36 flights Monday, delaying 10 percent of its roster across the United States and another 21 percent. The disruptions are sharply contrasted with other major U.S. carrier operations. American Airlines canceled only 1 percent of flights on Monday and delayed per percent, and United and Delta Airlines did even better.

Barriers still improved from the weekend, when Southwest canceled or delayed flights by 59 percent on Saturday and 62 percent on Sunday. Americans, by comparison, reported disruptions in 23 percent of U.S. flights.

“It simply came to our notice then [air traffic control] Problems and bad weather throughout our Florida station. “And as we’ve seen before, an unexpected delay eventually leads to staff shortages.”

In June, several airlines, including American, Spirit, Alligant, and Southwest, jumped to different points in the summer as they tried to return to post-epidemic travel in the first months of the peak season.

Kashar said Monday that the Dallas-based airline’s route schedule has not yet fully recovered from the power outage caused by Covid-1 to, which means “we can still route late or canceled customers with lower frequencies at larger airports.”

There were rumors online over the weekend that cancellations and delays in the Southwest stemmed from an illegal “sickness” যখনwhen workers referred to widespread illness as a way to disrupt business activities যা which both the airline and the union said was untrue.

Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, said in a memorandum to union members that “a small temporary incident for other carriers has destroyed Southwest Airlines because our operations have become fragile and have suffered massive failures due to little pressure.”

A small number of employees in the South-West are upset with the airline’s Covid-1 vaccine mandate. The union last week asked a federal court to block the order, saying it did not disagree with it, but the airline would have to discuss the move.

Murray said the union “did not approve of any job activities, would not support them”.

Shares of Southwest fell 3.2 percent to 52 52.19 in trading on Monday afternoon.

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