The San Francisco Giants are a study of patience

Who saw him coming?
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I had these four different drafts in my head before Actually sittingThings Down (or in my case, stand, since I do the opposite) and write It is. I wanted to announce the Giants as a reconstruction success story, which is one of a kind. But not quite, because it’s a year.

So then I thought I could pivot, and say they are the ultimate lightning in the bottle team. I don’t think it can be an unpleasant thing, because 90% of baseball fans would like it if their team could catch a buzz-a-bottle like this. But a team that has just decided to retain the base of its stars – Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt – could it really be?

Not especially.

And while it’s easy to say that there’s no way they’re going to remove Posey, there’s certainly been a time in the recent past where it seemed very possible, even more likely, that Crawford and Belt would find new postal codes.

So maybe, I thought, the Giants signaled a different way of working, somewhere between the other two. And perhaps they are. Except … I suspect that any MLB front office would want to copy them for both legal and invalid reasons. You could run this same Giants team next season, even re-sign Chris Bryant for the whole season, and they could probably … win 88-90 games?

Maybe Kevin Gaussman had more pitchers in the second half than the first, which is still a good pitcher, But Sai Young is nowhere near the candidate. Darren Roof probably doesn’t run .344 BABIP. Brandon Belt’s best year is unlikely to be his best offensive season.

Then I thought the Giants had an angle on what the Dodgers did, but for one season they did it better.

Although the Dodgers had one of the best systems of baseball, trading for MVP-caliber players such as Bellinger, Cigars and Boilers, or trading at that level in Bets, Treya Turner and Max Scherzer, all that has been added to their success has been the ability to take out players, remove dirt and get an all-star level of production from them. Justin Turner, Max Munshi, Chris Taylor immediately sat in mind. I have Making fun of Taylor in the past, for most of the 12 minutes the cubs actually tried to dance with the dozers at the NL’s penthouse as “Bruce Banner” because the boys didn’t go out at the age of 27 like Taylor spent his entire career after being drained. Dodgers fans just weren’t ashamed From this kind of ridicule of the Giants this year, wondering what exactly is happening with players like Roof or Wade or Guassman or anyone else.

And the Giants did. They add to their established, home-grown players that were rarely followed, who were then produced at the all-star level. Thieves, they even traded for ex-MVP (Bryant) at Dodgers Mold

Maybe next year with better placement and secret signatures The Giants could run it all backwards and compete for the division again. But then it’s hard to know if they’ll get the same output from their mid-30s in the future, and if the belt signs again. The Giants may very well need a whole new rotation, as everyone is a free agent and Johnny Queto has a club option that they are unlikely to choose. Dozers are a much more assured bet in 2022 and beyond.

Maybe, Because I’m still in my anti-breed rage- Which can never disappear- I wanted the Giants to be anti-reconstruction heroes. Proof that you don’t have to burn it every five timesPer-Seven years and you may feel that you have “starred” your stars who have brought you success in the past and your fans make every effort to win until it is possible. And that you can give them!

Heaven forbid!

Except that the Giants sucked there for years. In 2017, they won games. They have not been over 500 since their last playoff appearance in 2016 until this season. They even went on to become one of the big businesses they could do in 2019, holding the Giants legend and legendary red-ass. Madison B.umgarner because they were, a wild থেকে 30 cab ride-Card spot within deadlines.

Except it wasn’t a reconstruction. The giants just sucked. No one on the roster is likely to pick crops now and they have been blooming for the past four years. This roster is a study of patience until the boys come back, other things fall apart In place, and unexpected flashes.

And it’s not really sustainable. At least it doesn’t look that way. And other playoff teams like the White Sox, the Braves, the Astros, and to some extent the Brewers, are products of going back to zero and starting again. And all of them could be around for years to come. Exactly the same for the teams they missed, like the Jays or the Mariners.

So maybe the Giants are the exception that proves the rule. Except the Yankees never went through reconstruction. They were not below .500 in 26 years. The Red Sox, as horrible as they are, have never gone back more than a year or two. Cardinals … some jade and ray productsWizards signed in some jungle that do not understand the extent or consequences of his actions. Dodgers exist on their own planes. So what are the rules?

All I have left is just one of the 2021 San Francisco Giants A combination of a bunch of things. Good thing. Funny thing. Things that almost everyone can root. Are the Giants fans the four that sucked before this season and maybe after two or three or 10 it might just be better? Some say yes to me.

The demons don’t really have to mean anything. They just. Baseball is one of those weird things that happens. That kind of baseball thing is the MLB and its front office have actively tried to be neutral. So maybe I’ll just rejoice that they haven’t been able to kill it yet.

And they take good care of my sweet son Chris.

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