The Ryder Cup and Lever Cup are set to begin this weekend

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A little away from the beaten path, especially at this time of year, but this weekend saw two international competitions on this shore. The first is the Ryder Cup, which is fun for non-golf fans because everyone can enjoy watching staff-ass golfers close their sphincters tighter than a trap drum when they play something other than someone else’s money.

This is a rare occurrence, almost exclusive to the Ryder Cup. Almost always, Team Europe is filled with guys you’ve rarely heard of, and if there’s one or two big champions, that’s it. You’d think a much more publicized U.S. team would wipe the floor with them. But almost without fail, you’ll find European players who can’t miss a pot within 50 yards when it gets tough. They seem to rejoice in these challenges.

In fact, before he claimed the Masters, he could not beat Sergio Garcia in the Ryder Cup. It drove everyone crazy. Ian Palter is basically a runner on the PGA Tour. But, in the Ryder Cup, he becomes the love child of Bobby Jones and Ares, who were cadded by Bagger Vance. He was not defeated despite trying six times in the singles part of the competition.

Meanwhile, the US team is full of names you see on major holidays. Nothing seems to break them. These guys mostly took big shots with the biggest trophy in the sport on Sunday night. It shouldn’t be anything different. And for most of the year, you’ve been finding yourself completely trapped in the United States. Jordan Spieth has lost all three of his single runs. Intense wind between Dustin Johnson and his ears 7-9-0 all the time. And I think we all came here to see Bryson de Chambour’s faceplant as he did in France in 2018. Then again, he’s kind of crazy that maybe he’ll come alive, you never know.

The United States has won one of the last five Ryder Cups and two of the last nine, although they often boast of high-ranking players. Give these guys some real days in line, like a team competition, and they can’t handle it. They can’t settle for whatever check comes. They either lose or they don’t lose, and that’s too much. Play for their sponsor money, and it’s all right. Meanwhile, Europe loves to play with the pressure of being a teammate. Makes riveting televisions.

At the same time, in Boston, the Lever Cup will run, the answer to tennis in the Ryder Cup, although it is Team World vs. Team Europe. This version, the fourth, will be the first without any of the big three of Roger Federer (whose child it is), Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic. It sounds a little nasty because it’s so new, but the players on both sides really get into it which feeds the fans. There are some fun pairs in the doubles, like Jadukovich and Federer, Nadal and Federer have been together in the past. It’s the only tournament that usually gets Nick Kyrgios ’full attention, and when you see him play this it makes you wonder why he’s not the top five player in the world. The 11-point tiebreaker, if it has one set, makes a real sense for the game.

If you need a break from normal, one of these events works as well.

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The Dodgers themselves had a themed road trip. Apparently they didn’t have a finger in the air on their social media guy:

Missing anyone from this picture? There seems to be. It can’t be fixed. Oh, right, that guy is accused Sexual harassment. We all want to pretend that he doesn’t exist, but even then we’re not the ones who gave him 40 40 million a year.


Did you need another dumbass tweet to start your day? Did I get one for you:

Yes, that’s what Texan fans should be worried about. They really have to punch in their dashboards that some obscene rich friend has to hand over his cash to Watson, and that Watson is not being sued for sexually harassing about two dozen women. Because the important thing is whether he can play football, and whether he is getting paid.

We know who is responsible for this. It’s Watson. A case is being filed against him. He is under investigation. Avoiding that is by far the most football thing, and mourning for his salary-based condition. Football will be football.

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