The ‘rusty’ crew member who gave the subject of a previous safety allegation of a Baldwin gun

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Alec Baldwin was given a prop gun by a crew member who had previously had security charges against him
The “Rust“The crew member who allegedly gave Alec Baldwin a prop gun that killed cinematographer Halina Hutchins was the subject of a security complaint.

Crew member Maggie Goal said in a statement to The Associated Press that she filed an internal complaint with the executive producers of Hulu’s “Into the Dark” series in 2019 for concerns about the behavior of assistant director Dave Hall on set. Gol said in an email Sunday that Halls ignored weapons and pyrotechnic safety protocols and tried to continue filming after a crew member “slipped into a diabetic Fuegu state.”

“He did not maintain a safe working environment,” Gol told NBC News. “Sets were almost always allowed to become increasingly claustrophobic, there were no established fire lanes, exits were closed … security meetings were non-existent.”

Baldwin shot and killed 42-year-old Halina Hutchin on Thursday on the New Mexico set of the movie “Rust,” and injured director Joel Suza, who was standing behind him. Since then Discharged from the hospital. It was previously reported that Halls gave the firearm to Baldwin, at the time incorrectly declaring that it was a “cold gun”, meaning it was an unloaded weapon. Instead, it was loaded with live rounds, According to records.

The gun that Baldwin used was one of three that a firearm expert or Armor, According to court documents, climbed into a cart outside the building where a scene was being rehearsed. Halls grabbed a gun from a cart and handed it to Baldwin, according to records. Click here to learn more about our top stories.

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Brian Laundry: Parents may have missed out on discovering their own son
Brian Laundry Parents unknowingly walk just a few yards away from a location Florida Police at Nature Conservation found their son’s personal belongings Wednesday morning.

When Chris and Roberta Laundry left their home just before sunrise on Wednesday, there were only two journalists present – a Fox News digital reporter who followed in a separate car and a Fox News Channel cameraman who was on their way.

They arrived at the entrance to Mayakkahatchi Creek Environmental Park at about 7:25 a.m., and two members of law enforcement arrived in a separate pickup truck after hiking clothing. According to Laundry Family Attorney Steve Bartolino, one later identified himself as a member of the North Port Police Department and the other worked for the FBI.

The men said nothing at the entrance to the park and followed the laundries from a distance of less than 50 feet.

No one else was present at the time – although later that morning at least three pedestrians came through the area – a man walking his dog, a woman walking her dog and a man on a bicycle. All of them were confronted under a power line outside the trail where investigators found the remains of Brian Laundry that morning.

Brian Laundry was the only person interested in the suffocation of his ex-fiance, Gabby Petito, whose remains were found by investigators on September 19 at a Wyoming campsite a few weeks after the couple was there. Click here for more.

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– Brian Laundry Autopsy Uncertain about cause of death, further study planned, lawyer says
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– Brian Laundry’s lawyer: FBI has ‘everything they need’ to investigate Gabby Petito murder

Biden received some bad news from a 2024 survey from an important primary state
This weekly column of the next White House contest is typically zero in on the growing competition for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

But a survey published in recent days has shed light President Biden ‘He will run for re-election in 2024 New Hampshire, The state that held its first primary in a century on a presidential-nominated calendar has piqued our interest.

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) last questioned 37 percent of potential Democratic primary voters in 2024 Granite State Survey Says they will vote for Biden if the primary is held today, 12 points lower than the previous UNH poll in July. Of those surveyed, 52 percent said they were not sure, nine points more, 11% said they would vote for another candidate.

When asked if they would like to see the president elected unopposed in 2024 or face an initial challenge, 45% said they would like to see Biden face an initial challenge, 16 points higher than in July. Those who choose to run for president unopposed in the next Democratic presidential primary are down nine points from July to 29%, which was conducted on October 14-18.

The latest figures from the first-country presidential primary state come as Biden’s approval ratings have been hit in the past two-and-a-half months in the wake of Biden’s widely-criticized unrest. US departure from Afghanistan And the nation following the proliferation of COVID-19 cases due to the continued spread of highly contagious delta variants Deal with coronavirus, The worst pandemic to hit the world in a century.

When asked about his plans for 2024 at his first official presidential press conference in March, Biden said, “My answer is yes. I plan to run for re-election. That’s my expectation.” Click here for more.

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– Washington Post mocks President Biden for reporting ‘obscene threats’
– Biden has been widely ridiculed on social media for his bizarre hand gestures

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Some separation words

That’s what Mark Levine argued on Sunday night President Biden The United States Constitution has failed in various ways.

“Joe Biden is the most lawless president in modern American history. You can talk about Nixon. You can talk about whomever you want. Joe Biden continues to violate the Constitution and federal statutory law day by day.”Life, freedom and Levin“The host said.

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