The report claims that Joe Manchin is considering leaving the Democrats – but he denies it.

David Korn, a reporter for the left-wing website Mother Jones, reported Wednesday that Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is considering leaving the Democratic Party to become independent.

Manchin has been targeted by the far left for refusing to give the party a blank check on the Democrats’ plan to spend a whopping $ 3.5 trillion.

Korn’s report said that if Manchin and the Democrats could not reach an agreement on the bill, he would announce that he was leaving the party.

Shortly after the explosive report came out, Manchin vehemently denied it was true – plotting it to spread rumors.

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Disagreement with parts of the bill

Stuck between Joe Manchin and Biden, along with other Democrats, are several key elements of the huge spending bill.

The list of offensive items includes the mere size of the bill, a carbon tax, the expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, the extended child tax credit and climate change measures.

He further added that he would not support any package that does not contain the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding for abortion.

Manchin has held extensive discussions with other Democrats, such as his colleague Sen. Barney Sanders (I-VT) and the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Pramila Jaipal (DWA), all in an effort to reach an agreement.

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The leftists have caused a catastrophe

Manchin’s refusal to support the government’s massive expansion has angered the left. Attacks have become increasingly personal, often accusing Manchin of making financial gains without spending trillions of government money.

Some suspect he could be a kind of dual agent, intended to sabotage the Republicans by mid-2022.

Some have suggested that Manchin has a master plan to enrich his family – although such people seem curiously interested in other senators:

A new line of attack is that Manchin is another elite of Washington.

And yes, if all else fails, there’s always a race card:

So Manchin has officially denied that there is any indication that he is leaving the Democrats – although he is clearly not welcome in his own party unless he points a finger at the line.

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