The reaction of the sports world to the victory of Bubba Wallace in the first NASCAR Cup series has been delayed.

Bubba Wallace scored a historic victory at the Talladega Superspeedway on Monday, winning the rain-short Yellowwood 500. Not only did he win his first NASCAR Cup Series, he also became the first black driver to win the competition after NASCAR Hall of Fame Ensrini Wendell Scott. Won in 1963.

Wallace’s first win since starting the Cup series in 201 was on mobile.

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With three laps remaining in the second round of Monday’s race, NASCAR went under red flag condition, which was postponed from its original start time on Sunday due to bad weather. Because there was no sign of the rain stopping, Wallace – who was in first place when the red flag was displayed – learned that he had won with his crew.

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At the moment, Wallace hears from NASCAR that he won the Dega:

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In racing circles and in the wider world of sports, the moment is certainly not lost on those who have witnessed history. Here are some of the best responses to Wallace’s victory:

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