The process of drafting the Syrian constitution is set to begin this week – a global issue

After meeting with the Vice Presidents of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, the government and the opposition, Mr. Pedersen was speaking to those who have agreed to begin the process of constitutional reform.

Members of the so-called “small body” responsible for drafting and drafting the constitution are in the Swiss city for their sixth round of talks in two years, starting on Monday.

Their last meeting in January ended without progress and the UN envoy is holding talks between the two sides on the way forward.

“The two vice-presidents now agree that we will not only prepare for constitutional reform, but we will also prepare and launch a draft for constitutional reform.” Mr Pedersen told reporters.

“So, the new thing this week is that we’re actually going to start a drafting process for constitutional reform in Syria.”

The United Nations has continued to support efforts for a Syrian-owned and led political solution that has ended more than a decade of war that has killed more than 350,000 people and required 1 million in humanitarian aid.

An important contribution

The Syrian Constitutional Committee was formed in 2001, with the government, opposition and civil society nominating 50 members each, and 150 men and women.

This larger team formed a small organization of 5 members, consisting of 15 representatives from each of the three sectors.

For the first time, Ahmed Kuzbari, vice-chairman of the Syrian government delegation, and Hadi al-Bahra, a member of the opposition, met Sunday morning. Meeting together with Pedersen.

He described it as “a significant and frank discussion of how to move forward with constitutional reform and how we are actually planning for the week ahead.”

Mr Pedersen told reporters that although the Syrian Constitutional Committee had made significant contributions to the political process, “the committee will not be able to resolve the Syrian crisis on its own, so we need to work together on serious issues in the Constitutional Committee.” But deal with other aspects of the Syrian crisis as well. ”

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