The Prince Albert Riders logo depicts the cultural problems of the hockey world

Pictures: Prince Albert Riders

It’s not so surprising that hockey can set foot on a few rakes before the start of his season. It’s just amazing how surprising it is. It would have been bad enough to deal with the sport Robin Lehner’s complaint Distribution of painkillers like NFL among teams, coaches and players. You deserve more to suspect the messenger, because Lehner has been a self-celebrating bullhorn for years. But the painkillers of hockey players were imposed on them and later became addicted to them, seeing the nature of the game it is hardly a big jump to think so. That’s how these things are going. This in itself is enough of a noise.

Lehner’s Twitter thread came just hours after the racist controversy in the Canadian Junior League … Well, it’s hockey. Prince Albert Riders of the Western Hockey League unveiled their third jersey for the upcoming edition yesterday and they said A problem Give them the best.

The jerseys and logos that riders used in the early 90’s were a throwback to them. We haven’t done much with it, and a team at Prince Albert’s trading post is less likely to feel pressured at the time to do something about it.

But bringing them back now and thinking that there would be no problem rarely reaching the level of asinine. This logo is “Hasan Chop!” Bugs sound from the Bonnie cartoon. Not surprisingly, the league pulled this jersey and logo out of use just eight hours after it was unveiled. It’s just frustrating that the problem has arisen at all.

It’s a match for another WHL team, the Portland Winter Hawks, who took their Blackhawks-copy logo for this season and went to a real hawk this year, moving away from the racist caricature that the NHL club can’t bring. To keep themselves away from themselves. It seemed like a step forward in hockey, although now a rider has removed the board.

This is another sign of how far hockey has to go, as it is happening at a developmental level where the stains are not so high and the ongoing marketing and merchandise risks from racist or derogatory logos do not even have to be a consideration. Players and fans growing up in these places can’t imagine the problems of racism at them and at higher levels of the sport.

This is another example where the amount of dimensions and those who wanted to fix it just surprised the Raiders to announce the jersey. Didn’t anyone say, “Isn’t that the best idea?” It takes more than one person to move forward, and however many numbers it takes Raiders went 0-fer.

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