The power of approval of President Trump

An old campaign proverb argued that political approvals are often not worth the paper they are printed on and that they were correct until President Donald J. Trump. Now the most important political asset that any Republican candidate can earn is Trump’s approval, and how he’s using it will continue to reshape the Republican Party and stall the 2024 field.

We’ve all seen past Republican presidents blur after leaving the Oval Office. For the most part, their departure from DC marked the end of their political ambitions after the weather on the arrows of the White House Press Corps. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”

Just think of the embarrassment, since George P. Bush worked actively to gain President Trump’s approval for the Texas Attorney General. George P, son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and grandson of former President George HW Bush, was very close to President Trump in his public remarks and realized that his family connections and self-achievement as current Texas Land Commissioner were not enough in the Trump era. Although Trump finally backed incumbent AG Ken Paxton (pictured, left) for re-election, it illustrated that there is only one lane in today’s Republican Party: Trump Lane.

That’s why some were surprised when news broke late Thursday night that Congressman Anthony Gonzalez – one of 10 GOP House members who voted to impeach President Trump – had announced he would not seek re-election. Trump-backed rival Max Miller defeated him badly in the election and he acknowledged that there was no effective way to win.

President Trump’s success and influence continue to defy the political ideology of the corrupt political class, and in doing so he has established an unprecedented level of political influence.

So far in 2021, President Trump’s approval record in the Republican election is 10-0. There were six of these victories in competitive elections to lead national and state Republican parties.

Another victory in the Republican primer came from leading Staten Island, NY, as the twelfth president. Less than two hours before the vote closed, President Trump backed former congressman Vito Fassella, a minority leader in the New York City Council who is running against a strong opponent. Minority leaders campaigned on Staten Island with every major approval: local Republican Party, police and trade unions, municipal politicians. But, on Saturday before Tuesday’s election, President Trump backed Vito Fassella – and won the veto.

In 2020, 120 of the 122 candidates approved by President Trump in the congressional primary won, and those who did not win, those who lost, successfully campaigned with more “Trump” arguments than their opponents. Moreover, their opponents have failed to properly educate voters about their Trump approval.

In the 2020 Senate primaries, President Trump was undefeated: 21-0.

During his own re-election campaign, President Trump campaigned extensively for the entire Republican ticket, issuing more than 50 “tele-lies” and audio approvals for congressional candidates, and hundreds of approvals for candidates above and below GOP tickets উল্লেখ not to mention all rallies. Mega has provided a platform to stay in front of the crowd that only President Trump can attract.

In important swing states like North Carolina and Iowa, President Trump’s success has led Sense to victory. In the House, political pundits predicted that Republicans would lose 15, 20 or 30 seats. Instead, House Republicans won 26 “tossup” races. And, for the first time in decades, Zero has lost House Incomes – many of which campaigned for President Trump’s approval.

It should also be noted that it is not just that President Trump can pick candidates from ambiguity and remove them from office. He has shown the ability and desire to encourage party unity – even with prominent Republicans who were not behind him in 2016. President Trump did not want to divert time and resources to the red state, so he made extra efforts to keep the party afloat.

Sadly, we have seen in many cases that Republicans and RINOs, who lobbied hard for Trump’s approval, have finally put their political position in DC ahead of the MAGA movement and conservative policies that activists have been working on for decades.

This cycle, senators, governors, congressmen, even billionaires and industry titans have come to the President’s Bedminster and Palm Beach properties, seeking his support and raising money. Ask any donor in the country: they are the fundraiser they want to attend – even if the president is not present.

In Ohio and Arizona, where Senate candidates JD Vance and Blake Masters are backed by more than 10 million by Super PAC, they are both still in an aggressive position to approve Trump. They rightly acknowledge that all the money in the world cannot be surpassed by the political power of President Donald J. Trump and the mega movement. Indeed, in the Trump era, the books of campaign warfare are not as important as those seen as central to America First.

However, Trump’s approval power and demands are not the only signs that confirm President Trump’s political power. He has maintained a unique ability to weave his political influence with the fact that he has earned a lot of respect for his policy and overall record as our President.

On Sept. 11, when politicians gathered at Ground Zero with a massive media crowd, President Donald J. Trump honored the day by visiting a firehouse and police. He gave two beautiful speeches and answered direct questions from the firefighters and police officers present.

It wasn’t glamorous, he didn’t send a media advisory or make a big production, but rather he came together directly to pay tribute to the sacrifices of their loved ones who were lost on September 11, 2001. The viral moments that were captured were the image of Donald J. Trump as a New Yorker – a true man who loves his city and the people who wake up every day to keep them safe. This was Donald Trump.

President Donald J. Trump is not just 45M President of the United States and he is not just the leader of the Republican Party. He has continued to do everything he can to make America great, and that is why he remains the most powerful force in American politics – and that is why if he decides to run in 202224, he will win again and make history.

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