The pope has called on powerful institutions to change the situation to better serve the poor

Pope Francis gave a speech on Saturday in which he called on powerful institutions to change the way they operate to better serve the poor, stressing that stability puts people in poverty, creating an unjust society.

“Personal change is necessary, but it is also important to adjust our socio-economic models so that they have a human face, because many models have lost it,” the pope said at the World Assembly of Popular Movements, his own initiative for grassroots organizations and church leadership. Will work together for structural change in favor of justice.

He called on a number of corporates to help disadvantaged people as well as bring about fundamental changes – pharmaceutical labs for patent publishing of vaccines; Financial group for cancellation of poor countries; Extractive industries will stop destroying the environment; Weapons manufacturers will stop production; Telecommunication giant and much more to make learning materials and connections more accessible.

He called on the media to crack down on misinformation, technology giants “stop being vulnerable to human vulnerabilities” and food companies “stop imposing monopolies on production and distribution that raise prices and cut bread from the hungry.”

“In the name of God, I call on the powerful to stop aggression, blockades and unilateral sanctions against any country in the world. Not to neo-colonialism, ”he said. “Conflicts need to be resolved in a multilateral forum like the United Nations. We have already seen how unilateral interventions, attacks and occupations end, even if they are justified by noble motives and subtle words.

“This system, with its relentless argument of profit, is escaping from the control of all people,” he said. “It’s time to slow down the locomotive, a locomotive going out of control into the abyss. There is still time. “

The 84-year-old pope from Argentina spoke on many of the issues already mentioned on Saturday, urging the powerful to build an economically and environmentally sound world where the poor and marginalized would not be left behind by the rich elite.

On Saturday, he reiterated his support for protesters – especially young people – who use their transformed power to fight injustice.

“You know what comes to mind now, with the popular movement, I think of the good Samaritan? … Protesting the death of George Floyd, “he said.” It is clear that such a reaction against social, racial or discriminatory injustice may be manipulated or exploited by political manipulation or anything, but the point is, in protest against this death, there The collective Samaritans were not fools! The movement did not go to the other side of the road because of the abuse of power and the loss of human dignity. “

Pope Francis, considered the most progressive pontiff ever, warned Catholics to focus on serving the poor and oppressed instead of being “obsessed” with issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception. He is one of the most vocal pope in terms of his commentary on social justice, climate change and systemic oppression.

“Together with the world’s poor, I want the government in general, the politicians of all parties, to represent their people and work for the common good,” he said. ”Let’s stop listening exclusively to their economic elites, who often expose surface ideologies that ignore the real dilemma of humanity. Let them be slaves to people who demand land, jobs, housing and a better life. ”

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