The plot deepens as Trump coup plotters try to buy state GOP AGs

The same Republican mega-donor who provided the most funding for the 1/6 Trump rally gave the Republican State AGS Association a few thousand dollars for 1/6.

On Dec. 2, Julie Jenkins Fansley, the daughter of the founder of the public grocery store chain, made previously undisclosed contributions to the records, reviewed by the Washington Post show, Raga’s nonprofit rules law defense fund, or RLDF. On the same day, records show that Fansley paid ফর 300,000 to Women for America First, the “Stop the Theft” group that allowed former President Donald Trump’s rally.

AG Biaoff was more than a rally publicity

The coup plot involves the closure of election certificates to impose sanctions, which will send the election back to the states where their delegations in the House will vote to re-elect Trump.

The conspirators needed state GOP AGs to fight state lawsuits on their behalf that could certify the election. Republicans were ready to deploy their AG to cancel a state-level election for Trump.

The 1/6 attack was not spontaneous. It was part of a planned coup

Trump had been advising for months before election day that the election would be stolen from him. One suspects that Donald Trump had the wheel speed for this coup plot before he lost to Joe Biden.

1/6 will be part of the committee’s investigative work, gathering all the pieces to draw a detailed picture of who was involved, what they did and how the Capitol attack was linked to the coup.

The conspiracy is deepening, and the attack on America seems to be much deeper than the Republicans in the Trump administration and Congress.

There is an ongoing argument as to whether the DOJ and the 1/6 committee are dragging their feet, but considering what is being revealed almost every day, the size and scope of the coup plot is huge.

An investigation is underway, and evidence is being gathered. Judgment in a hurry is not equal to justice.

What the nation is facing is a Republican party that has declared war on democracy.

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