The Philadelphia agglomeration traded Jack Ertz to the Arizona Cardinals

Thursday night was Jack Emtz’s emotional last game in football in Philadelphia.
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Earlier today, the Cardinals continued to build their 2017 Pro Bowl squad Added three-time pro bowler Jack Ertz On their list. AJ Green, JJ Watt, and now Ertz? Good luck to me! Imagine if Larry Fitzgerald wanted to continue playing, the 20-year-old I’m going absolutely crazy at the moment.

In 2021, though, the 30-year-old Ertz has thought less about some of the brightest moments in Philadelphia. He clearly showed that he still had some gas left in the tank. Despite playing behind the former second-round draft pick, Dallas Gowdart, through six games, was tied to lead the team at the Ertz Teachdown Reception on the Aggals Depth Chart and was second only on goal behind first-round rookie Divanta Smith.

If Ertz could set this kind of volume number for Arizona, it should be an improvement, right? I mean it’s not like Mexico Williams, now in season Tute, doing serious damage to the passing game. Perhaps Zach Ertz could emerge as the team’s third best option. I saw him surpass Green and Randall Moore. Christian Kirk will always be number two on the team because his presence was a deep threat, but Ertz can certainly go to number three, right?

Well, let’s not move on from ourselves. Ertz, who had 116 catches in 2018, may not see those numbers, but he will be a threat in the red zone. Although Kyler never ends up as tough as a genius like Murray Ertz, Kyler never looks at his hard edge. Since Kyler joined the Cardinals in 2019, his most goal per game in any of his tight end seasons has been … 2021 Maxx Williams With 3.4, and we only have five games in the season. Outside of Williams, it was 2020 with Dan Arnold targeting 2.8 per game and 2019 Arnold 2.3. Ever since Cliff took over as head coach of the Kingsbury Cardinals, only the New England Patriots (135 goals) have noticed their hard edge less than Arizona (144).

Ertz blockers are not Williams, as Maxx had Total PFF grade This season’s 78.7 (well above the NFL’s tight end average mark) is mostly in its blocking power.

When Ertz was a The influential run blocker returns to his Hyde, He has taken a step back in that category, often losing himself to flat feet and his blocking efforts.

With Williams out, the move makes sense for Arizona. Ertz didn’t have to leave much of them to achieve, and he could be the presence of a great locker room. We saw in Philly that he had an influence on some of his teammates. He got it Jason Kells to color hair Above all. He was also a great husband of the famous World Cup champion Julie Ertz And swells all around, so I’m sure any team would be happy to get him at the right price.

I hope he succeeds in Arizona. Although the Fit Cinderella is not as perfect as the glass slipper, she can be an asset. Ertz is Not eligible to play for the Cardinals in Cleveland this Sunday, So his first action wearing his new bright red jersey will be on October 24 against the Houston Texans.

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