The pacers will have a dangerous deal for Ben Simmons Indiana

Is trading for Ben Simmons really going to help the pacers?
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If you’ve been tuning in for a day or two and wondering where in the world is Ben Simmons …

That is his right Still in Philadelphia with 76ers. Where is Simmons physically and mentally? Somewhere other than Philly, I’m sure. The Simmons Trade Saga doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry, though we keep hearing the names of the claimants for its services. Lately, the Indiana pacers have emerged as a team that can have a good chance of Simmons landing.

But I would advise the Pacers Front office to proceed cautiously following that agreement. Attracting big name-free agents for small market teams like Indiana can be challenging, even almost impossible. So when someone gets a chance to trade for a player like Simmons, I understand why it can be an interesting transaction.

The pacers need to look at their list and determine what their goals are, Are they really expecting to be in the top four? The Eastern team in the next few years and could attend a conference final in that time? Or do you think Simmons is the missing link in the Pacers ’first NBA final play in 20 years?

All right, let me be completely honest with you. The Indiana pacers will not help them complete this task by trading assets for Ben Simmons at this time and this will not happen to Simmons as the team’s supposed leader / best player.

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. The pacers will still be a playoff team with Ben, but what the pacers would expect for Simmons will not be worth the return on investment.

To get Simmons, the pacers need to include at least two of the following three players, I think:

  • Malcolm Brogdon
  • TJ Warren
  • Caris Levert

All three players are at least a few years older than Ben. Although no one is more than 28 years old, with Brogdon turning 29 in December, Indy will send at least two of these two to the film on a contract for Simmons, depending on that. And from what we know, the asking price of the Sixers is still high, so they will probably want another player, including a draft pick in the deal.

Suppose the Sixers want Brogdon and Levert, plus those draft picks and another player have been thrown out. Now the pacers move forward with key parts from Simmons, Warren, Domantus Sabonis and Miles Turner. Still a good team but not an elite squad in the East.

Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Miami, Philly, possibly Atlanta, and Boston will all still be better than Indiana at the conference. The first four of that team are still 100 percent better than the team of pacers, including Simmons. And the East is the deepest it has been for quite some time. Therefore, I doubt the pacers will hand over all these assets to a player who will not shoot the ball.

The fact that Simmons is not a good shooter has become irrelevant. Dremond Green is not a good shooter. But he made sure he got his shots at the right time. And he has starred with the biggest shooting backcourt in NBA history. Seeing the free-throw, Simmons was very scared The playoff line last season that he gave easy shots to the basket. Every off-season we hear how he is Working on his shooting, Yet he comes back next year and it’s the same thing. He has yet to take any responsibility for his part in the Sixers summer drama. I know Doc Reverse and Joel have crossed the embed line, But they were not wrong. They know how hard (or not) Simmons is working to be a good shooter, and obviously that frustration finally warmed up to Hawke after the play-off rate. Rivers can deny that The organization was annoyed at what he wanted.

The shootout seems to have everything in Ben’s head, about refusing to shoot the ball. This may be the case. But even if it is, trading him elsewhere won’t fix him shooting the ball overnight. I don’t think it’s that easy. Philly knew something about this, as a team Merkel Fultz No. 1 draft overall in 201 draft. Now, Fultz seems to have lost his shooting touch overnight, but it didn’t come back that fast. He’s looked better in Orlando with Magic over the last few years but that’s not how most of us pick the top.

If all this is just Ben in his own head, it will take time to become his confident shooter. At least Fultz was known as a stage shooter. We all want Simmons to build a jump shot from scratch, for the most part. It’s not easy. Simmons can never be a shooter. But to improve you must be willing to shoot rock in games. Maybe there’s a basketball version of Simmons? Of course, that means it’s more than just his head, but something is going on with Simmons.

Again, I understand why pacers, or any small market The NBA team will be tempted to trade for an all-NBA player that they might not get otherwise. All I’m saying is, let’s go light, pacers. And be careful what you want because sooner or later you may get stuck with it.

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