The NYPD officer shot and killed the woman at his girlfriend’s home, police say

A New York City police officer was in custody late Wednesday night after he confessed to fatally shooting a woman at his girlfriend’s Brooklyn apartment and also shot her, officials said.

At a news conference, police officers described the police officer as a described 1-year-old who has been in the police department for five and a half years and was recently assigned to the Brooklyn end.

A police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an active investigation identified him as Evan U.

He was out of duty at the time of the shooting, officials said.

Assistant Chief Michael Kemper, speaking at the news conference, said the shooting was being treated as a homicide and that the officer who was detained to tell colleagues who responded at the scene was “calm and collected and very imminent.”

“Simply put, he admitted,” said Chief Kemper, commanding officer of the Patrol Borough Brooklyn South. “That’s what I’m going to say.”

Police identified the dead woman as Jamie Liang of Manhattan.

Referring to the officer and the woman in whose apartment the shooting took place, Chief Kemper said, “We believe they had a close relationship.”

He said the officer in custody was waiting at the girlfriend’s apartment, in the Bensonhurst neighborhood, when the girlfriend, 2, and the second woman, 224, arrived at some point in the afternoon. Chief Kemper said that shortly after the shooting, several 911 calls came.

Chief Kemper said responding officers found a girlfriend on the bedroom floor and a second woman on the floor.

He said the girlfriend was shot once in the torso and the second woman was shot in the chest at least once. After a while, the woman was declared dead. Chief Kemper said the girlfriend is expected to recover.

“We believe all three parties knew each other,” he said.

Asked if the officer used his firearm during the shooting, he said there was a “very good chance” in the case and investigators took ballistic evidence and a gun from the apartment.

Hours after the shooting, officers can be seen walking in and out of a two-story brick residence on the corner of 19th Avenue and 79th Street where the shots were fired and the field of another house was combed directly across the street. The turn was blocked by police vehicles and pedestrians and cars were taped.

Teresa Digirolamo, who lives a few doors down from where the shooting took place, said in an interview that she was in her kitchen shortly after noon when she quickly heard four or five pops in a row – “Like you pop a paper bag.” ”

He and others who live on the street, which is lined with brick duplex houses, said they could not remember any other shots in the area.

Mrs Digirolamo, who has been on the block since 1, said she did not realize she had heard gunshots before police and paramedics sounded sirens. When he stepped outside, he saw a woman on a stretcher carrying the wheels of the ambulance.

“There was no life in this person,” he said.

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