The new poll shows more Americans want to increase spending on policing

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, the number of Americans who want to spend more on policing is on the rise, in stark contrast to the ‘Defend the Police’ call a year ago.

The Pew Research Center survey was conducted September 13-19.

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More Americans now want to spend on policing than in 2020

“Support for spending cuts on the police has dropped significantly: 15% of adults now say spending should be reduced, to less than 25% in 2020,” Pew noted. “And only 6% now in favor of cutting costs Lots, Less than 12% who said this last year. At the same time, 37% of adults now say spending on policing should be almost the same, down from 42% in 2020.

Pew tracked a big change from attitude a year ago on this issue.

“The proportion of adults who say policing spending in their area should increase now stands at 47%, up from 31% in June 2020,” Pew observed. “There are 21% of those who say they should raise funds for local police Lots, 11% more than those who said this last summer. “

These results come in the wake of public concern about nationally violent crime

In July 2021, as of July 2021, 61 percent of adults said violent crime was a major problem. In 2020, this number was only 41 percent.

An FBI report released last month revealed that homicides have risen nearly 30 percent since 2020.

This jump represents the largest increase in a single year on record.

Pew also noted that 49 percent of whites, 46 percent of Hispanics, 38 percent of blacks and 37 percent of Asians say police spending needs to be increased.

“Black adults (23%) are more likely to say that police funding should be reduced than those who are white (13%) or Hispanic (16%),” Pew reported. “About 22% of Asian adults say spending should be reduced, which is statistically higher than the share among white adults but not more than the share among Hispanic adults.”

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The age gap is widened

The age gap has also widened regarding this view.

“The age gap in opinions about police funding has widened since 2020, mainly because attitudes among people aged 50 and over have changed dramatically,” Pew reported.

“The proportion of adults at this age who say police spending should increase has jumped 22 percentage points since 2020 (37% to 59%), while the increase has been among those under 50 (26% to 36%),” Pew noted.

“Both age groups have seen a drop-off in support of lower spending on local police,” Pew reported. “Patterns of this age are similar between white and black adults as well as between groups.”

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