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CryptoKitties brought blockchain gaming to life for the first time, and games like Axis Infinity set out what a good blockchain game should look like. The goal of Three Kingdoms is to make it through their next generation of play-to-earn games.

Three Kingdoms is a highly strategic third-generation NFT game based on the historical characters of the three kingdoms in ancient China. Historical historical characters enable users to have interesting gameplay while receiving rewards for their achievements.

The next generation of gamefie

What does the new era of earning for the game mean? The TT team believes that there are limited ways for players to earn in the current generation of NFT games. In addition, they suffer from old and cartoon graphics and minimal gameplay features.

The Three Kingdoms team began creating a blockchain game that showed multiple ways to earn tokens that had never been seen before in the GameFi market. In addition, they are creating an authentic gaming experience that gamers are accustomed to playing more than AAA games.

To achieve this, The Three Kingdoms High-End Graphics, a feature game where users can collect NFT characters, search for them, and join blocked gameplay to achieve NFT.

In addition, Three Kingdoms will be the first game to feature the idea of ​​war and siege in the city and a deep, compelling story that breathes fresh air into the gamefie landscape.

In the game, users can host, participate and monetize events. Build your base, expand your territories, improve your character traits, win battles and win PVE and PVP battles.

History of the Three Kingdoms

The three kingdoms are based on 220 AD, the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The Yellow Turban Rebellion began, with cities and regions forming their alliances for survival. Under the pretext of defending the young emperor, the warlord Dong Zhuo took control of the capital. Cao Cao, who gradually took control of the northern regions, defended the emperor and led the central government. Nevertheless, the formed groups are already interested in the opportunity to rule over China.

The country was plunged into civil war, and soon China was divided into three spheres of influence: Cao Cao domination in the north, San Quan in the south, and Liu Bei in the west. The three fought for sixty years to conquer China and this is where the story of the player begins.

The map of China Historical maps The lands of the three kingdoms were created after being divided into the Wei, Shu and Wu regions. The land will be divided into unique squares. For extra utility, these lands where you can host, participate and monetize events. Conquer the base of your operations and own where you can fight and expand your territory.

What’s next for the three states

The Three Kingdoms team recruited game and NFT enthusiasts who wanted to revolutionize the crypto landscape and be part of something bigger.

Three Kingdoms is doing well, with plans to launch passive gameplay by the fourth quarter of 2021. As mentioned in Phase 0, users will be able to achieve NFT by recruiting heroes in the outer area. The team plans to include additional gameplay features such as the ability to occupy empty cities (NFT) and occupy cities (APY, in-game currency and NFT earnings) in 2022 (first phase).

The second step will be PvP, where users can attack and defend the city, both attacker and defender capture NFT shots, the winner acquires an APY, currency, NFTs + feature.

Finally, the third episode will launch active gameplay through the arena and the tournament. Players will be able to play their NFT against other players in a winning all-battle.

About the three states

Collect the three kingdom characters of your choice and fight for a piece of land that only you can truly own!

Three Kingdoms is a third generation NFT game that embraces the story of three kingdoms. Get ready to immerse yourself in a gaming experience rich with extensive history, advanced character, progress gameplay and much more. Prepare your heroes for battle, blockade cities and win battles to expand your own land.

Be your own hero in the land of three kingdoms!

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