The NBA has denied Andrew Wiggins a religious wax exemption; He can’t play home games

Andrew Wiggins refused religious exemption for the vaccine.
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The NBA, not being run entirely by lunatics, has correctly rejected Andrew Wiggins’ request for a religious exemption for the Covid-1 vaccine, and the former No. 1 pick (and recently inaugurated) Mayor of Stupid Town) Can’t play any home game until I get the job.

The league was incredibly generous to Wiggins in its brief statement, keeping things simple and incorporating phrases such as “San Francisco Department of Public Health,” and “Big Indoor Events” and “Need for City Vaccination.” What Wiggins really deserved was several LOLs, a few laughing emojis, and perhaps a pornographic sketch of a man with his head over his own hips.

Because Wiggins was clearly full of stupidity in requesting a religious exemption for the vaccine. The man said on record in March that it was a personal decision.

“Everyone has their own, really,” There were quotes. “Anyone who wants to get it can get it; Anyone who doesn’t want to get it, doesn’t get it. At the moment, I’m not getting it, but it’s not getting anyone else. I make my own decisions. At the moment, I decided not to get it. ”

Perhaps Wiggins doesn’t really like needles. He No tattoos, Which will point in that direction, but it will still not be able to get a person out of other necessary vaccines. It doesn’t really matter. He’s a fool, and unless he’s smart, he’s going to be unavailable for half the warriors.Shots Games and all his teammates hate him.

As they should. Not getting the Covid-1 vaccine if you are medically able to do it – reject it – selfish bullshit that is helping to keep this epidemic going. There are still 1,500 people every day This virus is dying In America, and this bojo will not get a little needle in his arm to be able to play basketball regularly.

Maybe now he will. Or maybe he’ll hold on to it and extend his kingdom to Stupid Town. Either way, it was okay to look through the NBA crepe.

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