The moon did not die as soon as we thought

Using a technique based on isotope dating and lunar crater chronology, which calculates the holes in its surface and estimates the age of objects in space in some parts, the team determined that lava flowed in the Oceanus Procelaram recently 2 billion years ago.

Chang’e 5 was China’s first lunar sampling mission and the first investigation into the return of lunar material since the 16th. Returning in late November and early December 2020, it is one of at least eight phases of China’s lunar program. The fullness of the moon.

Nemchin says there is no evidence that radioactive material that generates heat (such as potassium, thorium and uranium) exists in high concentrations beneath the moon’s mantle. This means that these elements probably did not cause this lava flow, as scientists thought. Now, they need to look for other explanations for how the streams were formed.

The history of lunar volcanoes can teach us more about the earth. According to Giant Impact Theory, the moon could be a part of the earth that collapses during another collision with our planet.

“Whenever we get new or improved information about the age of objects on the moon, it can have an impact not only on understanding the universe, but also on the general geology of volcanoes and other planets,” said Paul Byron, an associate professor of earth and astronomy at the University of Washington in St. Louis. , Who was not involved in the study.

Volcanic activity has not only shaped the face of the moon – those old lava beds are like huge black spots on the surface of the moon visible to the naked eye today – but it can also help answer the question of whether we are alone in the universe, Byrne said.

“The search for extroverted life requires a partial understanding,” Byrne said. Volcanic activity plays a role in the cultivation of the atmosphere and oceans, which are the main components of life. But it remains to be seen what these new discoveries tell us about potential life elsewhere.

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