The moment of the Big Baller brand is finally here

Exciting news is coming from the Ball family headquarters this Tuesday. It’s not that the eldest son, Lonzo, has signed a four-year contract worth ৫ 5 million to play for the Chicago Bulls, the most influential NBA team in pre-season history. The first signing with the youngest son Lanjor Puma is not the debut of the shoe. No, the ball is like a lot of things that happen in the universe, it’s about the family’s ancestral lover. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Laver’s Big Baller brand – but that has changed today, with the announcement of a new collection of shoes.

The Big Baller brand, you might think, was originally launched when the Los Angeles Lakers were drafted. The company made shoes that, according to Lonzo’s own guess, were a nightmare at first. During his first Summer League games, the Lonzo brand was forced to replace the ZO2 pair because they would “just tear up,” he said in a podcast by former teammate Josh Hart. Still, Lonzo wore shoes in his first season at the NBA, despite the Lakers’ concerns that they caused permanent foot and ankle injuries. Eventually, Lonzo and Lamelo both left the family business. “BBB’s run ends as footwear brand,” ESPNThis was reported by Nick Depla about a year ago.

Not so fast. 12 months after the report of her untimely death, Lover is back with a collection of four leather low-top sneakers. The shoes, which are made with “premium Italian leather” according to the product list and come in prices from $ 695 to $ 895, and come in white, red and blue colors. The fourth shoe has the phrase “I Told You So” on a suede top. Ironically, this shoe is designed and inspired by the middle son and G-League optimistic Liangelo Ball যা which Laver’s claim tells us seems complex.

This phrase is the most basic content of the entire collection, although it only appears in one shoe. Two of the Ball brothers are succeeding in the NBA (especially Lamelo looks set to make his way to the circus-superstardom). In that light, this collection is in the lap of Lever’s victory. His sons have gained lasting strength in the league, which means Lover, he has new opportunities – about $ 1,000 bowling shoes. The day your son announces his pumas the new BBB shoes will be rolled up … a choice, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great marketing.

After BBB’s efforts in basketball shoes literally exploded, there was no alternative to making more performance shoes – especially after the brand’s two most promising ambassadors were granted bail. Instead, BBB is focusing on lifestyle shoes that don’t have to hold an NBA game wear and tear. BBB, if nothing else, is an interesting test. In addition to the budget needed to sponsor players to wear shoes, big sneaker companies are always pressing a throat in the basketball footwear market. The BBB, along with colleagues at the Washington Wizards Spencer Dinwood’s K8iros footwear company, is testing the idea that players (or players’ families) can wear their own shoes. Obviously, BBB wasn’t able to hang on to the world of basketball shoes – but its owner is still glad he told you so.

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