The mine returns a huge sum of 7,626 etherium, misplaced by Bitfinex

With all the exploitation and hacking in the crypto industry, it is shocking that some players have remained sincere.

Many exchanges have already lost significant amounts to offenders, and while some have been returned, others do not. In the case of BitFinex, for example, a user lost approximately 7,676 ETH in an incorrect payment transaction.

The decentralized exchange mistakenly sent a $ 23 million payment to the gas for the gas when it was supposed to be $ 100,000 in the tithe.

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When the DeversiFi team discovered what happened, they quickly reassured users that their money was safe. According to them, it was a wrong transaction and nothing else.

Luckily, the company owned the mistake and agreed to incur losses if nothing else could be done to recover the money. However, Mine is a sincere person. Therefore, the owner of block 13307440 has agreed to return 7626 of ETH, which has been sent as hardware address payment.

Although the company thanks the miners, the community is not satisfied. The inconsistency of the return figure shows that the mine has 50 ETHs valued at 150,000.

Users are responsible for high etherium gas fees

Users are now blaming the rising etherium fee as the cause of the mistake. According to a recent report from BitinfoCharts, Ethereum is currently trading at $ 45. So costs are rising instead of falling as expected.

Ethereum trades in an upward trend | Source: ETH-USD on

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Moreover, the swapping fee at Uniswap stands at $ 74, and the fee for smart contract activity is even higher. Fortunately, the burn rate is 5 ETH / min.

Featured Image by Pixabay - Charts by TradingView

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