The Milestone Award is a message to my new class of clients

Every quarter, a new graduate class of clients joins us and makes it through their three-year anniversary in our Milestone Awards program. As a Milestone Rewards member, clients are offered a lifetime (permanent!) Fee reduction that they have earned through adherence to their own financial plans. If you can create three years of stock and bond market volatility without panicking from your portfolio, you can do it for ten years or twenty years or a lifetime. You just have to remember what you got so far. And what happened after all the other scary episodes during which you didn’t react (or overreact!).

Being a good client of your financial advisor so they can help you get your financial benefits – this is one of those things in life that is simple, but not easy.

However, I am proud of the upcoming class of Milestone Rewards members, the 22 client families who first started working with us in the third quarter of 2018. These 22 families made our first allotted businesses with us during the most volatile period of the last ten years. Many have forgotten but the instability of the autumn of 2018 was at the beginning which will eventually turn into a 20% bear market, which reached on the eve of Christmas at the end of that year. Stocks will have an exceptional 2019 after the worst epidemic in a century and the start of the global economic shutdown. These families have persevered, stuck to their portfolios, when we asked them and added more risk when it comes to adhering to the plans we have made for them. Again – simple, but not easy. And intuitively, it actually looks easier than this moment.

According to Nick, who saw the information for me, this is actually a special group:

There is no one from the Northeast to give you an idea of ​​who these 22 families are, although we are headquartered in New York. Five percent from the southeast and five percent from the mid-Atlantic, while forty-five percent from the Midwest and another forty-five percent from the west coast. The average age of this class is1, five percent of whom are under 50 years of age. Eighty percent of these families are between the ages of 50 and 70 and eight percent are over.

For clients who have qualified for the Milestone Award this quarter, I would like to thank and trust you. We are going to deliver you to your destination, whatever comes as planned. Your confidence in our advice and our unwavering commitment to the goals we set together form the basis for the energy we will build now and in the future.

Ask Rithaltz Wealth Management Advisor about Milestone Rewards and how we can build a better portfolio for you.

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