The medical firm in Mexico will launch COVID-19 testing through blockchain

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary aspect of cryptocurrency and the entire digital asset as a whole. It has brought more innovation and popularity to the industry, which has attracted more users and developers.

The use of blockchain technology is exploding in various mainstream and sectors of the world economy. Recently, this amazing technology has found a useful application in the medical field. A Mexican medical firm, MDS, has launched a coronavirus testing service that uses blockchain technology to confirm its results.

A local media report, iProUP News reported that MDS Mexico has launched a digital results-profile platform. This will enable its patients to access real-time updated results. In addition, the physical distribution of results comes with a QR code.

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This enables scanning to verify the results. Also, from the MDS Mexico blockchain, it is very easy to access the patient’s vaccination history.

The purpose of adopting blockchain

According to his report, MDS noted that adopting blockchain technology is a way to secure all the results of its clinical trials.

Also, it will protect the personal information of the patients as well as prevent the forgery of Covid test results. The company explained that it has begun certifying SAR-CoV-2 detection tests using cryptographic signatures and blockchain technology.

This step eliminates the possibility of false negative results. Thus, the QR code, which is immutable, unique and immutable, protects information and is globally verifiable.

Moreover, the medical firm’s blockchain has uploaded test results that contain the doctor’s cryptographic signature. This is the doctor that must verify the test results.

Earlier, there were other companies in Mexico using digitized covid test results. One such initiative is the announcement in April of a state-sponsored launch from Mexico’s National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO).

According to CANACO, the initiative is a collaboration with Xertify, a private technology company, for the digitization of vaccine passports.

For this initiative, there are certain requirements from the beneficiary. This includes official ways of identifying them and proof of vaccination from the Ministry of Health.

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Also, a representative of the Xertify firm revealed that his company is in charge of digitizing vaccination receipts. He mentioned that it would help to prove it in a language other than falsehood.

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Similarly, an Australian firm offered the use of a vaccine registry based on blockchain technology in August.

The company has opted for this kind of introduction to reduce the spread of fake coronavirus vaccine certificates floating online. Through blockchain-based registry, fraudsters will stop getting involved by selling fake COVID-19 certificates.

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