The mayor of Cool Valley will airdrop the স 1,000 price of BTC for each household

The small town of Cool Valley, Missouri, lives up to its name. Its mayor, Jason Stewart, plans to give each family বি 1K in Bitcoin and the project is fully funded. Above all, airdrop comes with education. 1500 residents will learn to use wallets and communicate with the network and encourage their receiving coins to HODL. “We’re going to save their own bitcoin as soon as possible,Cool Valley Mayor Dr.

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Cointelegraph Jason recently interviewed Stewart, and he told them:

“What really excites me, and what I’m working on is that regular people hold Bitcoin, and really benefit from the appreciation of having such an asset for them.”

About a month ago, the mayor of Cool Valley went viral with plans to do so. At that time, He told KSD, “I have some very helpful donors who have agreed to raise up to a few million dollars. And the plan went so well that the steward already had all the funds and then some. Such is the power of the Internet. Such is the power of Bitcoin.

Will Cool Valley residents HODL their coins?

Although the process of how they will distribute Bitcoin is not yet clear, it seems they will let people spend if they want to. At first, it wasn’t. One month ago, the mayor of Cool Valley told KSD, “We are putting it in place like a vesting schedule for Bitcoin. The idea is not to touch it for five years before you get full access to it. We are working on such ideas because it is my number one concern.

Now, there are plans to encourage Cool Valley residents to HODL. This is consistent with the philosophy of Bitcoin. Recipients will still receive an indefinite bonus if they do, or they will receive a lower BTC if they decide to sell. That comes to mind 2014 exams at MIT, Which yielded positive results and created multiple careers in cryptocurrency.

Returning to a very recent interview, the mayor of Cool Valley said, “The story became so popular that I never guessed.“Since they received more grants than they expected, Steward plans to use the example of converting government light into solar power and financing other environmentally friendly projects. “There are many fears, uncertainties and doubts about the environmental impact of Bitcoin, ”He said. And he’s putting his donors’ bitcoins where his mouth is.

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Bring bitcoin business to Missouri

Recently, Stuart joined the advisory board of the Midwest Bank Center. This “A locally owned bank with assets of about বিল 2 billion.“He said in the same breath.”I’m trying to get a bitcoin-friendly bank here. ”We can read between the lines there. Other than that, Steward said, “We have reached out to some people about opening a mining facility.

Is this guy taking a page from Naib Buckel’s book? El Salvador’s president’s decision to tender bitcoin has brought many new businesses to the country, and that test is just beginning. As it turns out, Cool Valley already hosts a Bitcoin ATM. An ATM and a personal grant, that’s how the El Zone started. Are we witnessing another spark in the process towards hyperbitcoininization of the world? Only time will tell.

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In another recent interview, this time with Bitcoin Magazine, Cool Valley Mayor praises Bitcoin:

“It gave me a new way to think about humanity in the future,” Stewart said. “It gave me hope, and an optimism that we could overcome some of the bad parts of the system we were born into and actually create the future we want. I got a certain level of hope and optimism from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin hope. And the inhabitants of the Cold Valley will soon have the opportunity to experience first-hand magic.

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