The Marines have announced possible punishment for refusing to obey Biden’s orders!

In a video guaranteed to turn your stomach around, an unidentified young man claiming to be a Marine outlines the possible consequences for workers and women who have failed to comply with Joe Biden’s authoritarian and anti-science vaccine orders for the military.

Read the latest information about the Marine Covid Vaccine Mandate which is available publicly on the Marines website, which can be found here.

According to Marine, “there are two available exemptions, medical exemptions and religious exemptions, for which you can apply.”

“The problem is,” the Marine continues, “if it’s yours [exemption] If not approved, you will be ordered to be treated again. And then if you refuse after your refusal, you will be treated like any other refusal.

At the moment, the Marines reveal dark and annoying potential effects for Marines who refuse to take experimental mRNA shots.

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“Anyone who refuses to take this treatment will be subject to a general court-martial summons authority where they will determine your fate.”

“A general court-martial is the highest level of military justice that can be administered, and anyone who comes to the ordinary court-martial has the power to impose the death penalty.”

At the end of the video, the brave Marine looks directly at the camera and warns anyone who will face him during his court-martial.

“Anyone will end up presiding over my case, as I have explicitly refused to take this treatment because it is wrong, just knowing I will die happily before I give this injection into my body.”

Unlike our so-called “military leaders” such as General Millie, who is an embarrassment and a traitor to the United States, this young man is a true hero who thinks the way our military stands: freedom and liberty!

Watch the video below and share this post with every American you know:

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