The Lincoln Project will come up with new ethics allegations for Greg Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) received an advertisement for a Lincoln project pulled from national television, and the group will now file an ethics complaint against the governor.

The Lincoln Project Politicus USA said in a statement:

In September, the Lincoln Project created an ad critical of Governor Greg Abbott’s response to the Covid-19 epidemic. PAC bought airtime via ESPN on the Longhorn network during a UT-Austin football game. Moments before the kickoff, the university informed the Lincoln Project that they would not run commercials – claiming an unpublished policy against running political advertising.

In October, the following month, University Daryl K. The extremist media outlet gave Britbert access to an exclusive interview with the Texas governor at the Royal Texas Memorial Stadium – an interview during which the governor spread misinformation about the vaccine and attacked public health officials. Instructions


The Lincoln Project has filed a Freedom of Information request with the official offices of the University of Texas at Austin and Greg Abbott to determine whether there was any communication between the school and the governor’s office regarding the blocking of critical advertising by the governor. In addition, the Lincoln Project will file a complaint against Abbott at the Texas Ethics Commission for misusing government time and resources to campaign for his re-election.

Greg Abbott has abused his office powers

It turns out that Greg Abbott abused his power as governor to place his critical ads across the United States. Abbott was able to kill advertising buying by exerting the influence of his office on the University of Texas.

The Lincoln Project is not excluding the issue, and their allegations show their willingness to exclude corruption and Trump’s influence in the Republican Party.

In America right now, it’s no longer about Republicans vs. Democrats, but it’s now a battle between those who want to destroy and those who are trying to save democracy.

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