The life of a rookie quarterback is not for the faint of heart as Justin Fields found against Brown

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields learned a hard lesson about the reality of NFL football on Sunday.

Fields was pushed to the start of the job after Andy Dalton suffered a knee injury in the second week and it was hard to tell Fields that this would be a short explanation.

Against a weary Browns defense led by the former No. 1 pick in the 2017 draft at Miles Garrett, Fields had his “welcome to the NFL moment” and it was more than once.

Hard days for the fields

At a rate of 2-6–6, Fields completed only y yards for his completed 0 passes and was dismissed nine times. One player in particular gave Fields a lesson and it was Garrett who calculated his own four-and-a-half sacks for the loss with four tackles.

Sometimes it was hard to see such a talented young player being thrown to the wolves but this is the world of professional football.

After becoming a star in college on Sunday, Justin Fields got a taste of how the NFL can really be against a team with a high level of defensive front.

Garrett (four and a half sacks), Jadevan Clooney (two sacks), Ronnie Harrison (one sack), owner Jackson and Jeremiah Ousu-Koramoh, both of whom had 0.5 sacks, tormented the young quarterback.

It was a tough role for professionals in the field but one that he would be good to stay.

Justin Fields vs. Browns:

🔸 29 passing yards
🔸 29 yards lost in sacks

0 pass per yard game

Of course, the Bears’ offensive line should not be shielded from criticism because they allow the future of their franchise to be sacked nine times during the game.

Defending the field should be the number one priority for field nagis and bears. There are players like Andrew Luck who retired early due to unnecessary hits like Justin Fields today.

Bears fans were screaming for Fields to start in the second week and now, seeing him in action on Sunday, there may be some people who like to sit him down and wait a year behind Andy Dalton.

Hopefully Fields and Bears’ offensive line can use this as a learning experience and get better as the tu grows.

Leading for the Fields and Bears are Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions. Here it is hoped that the Bears offensive line can defend their franchise quarterback.

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