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The Legends of Bezogia, the land on which everything always rises to the top, is a huge open-world sandbox-style game where players mint NFTs in the game to summon their own Bezogia characters from a large selection of different species, randomly creating Bezogia. Explore the unique, Bezogi battles, crafts and epic lands of Bezogi, each unique to their own style of play and learning.

Crypto integration is becoming more sophisticated in the gaming space Related world Making The Legend of Bezogia the most comprehensive gaming world is taking it to the next level where players can interact with the game in a variety of ways without actually having to have a cryptocurrency. The Legends of Bezogia gives players the ability to fully control the fate of their characters in a game that is really fun to play. The current problem with the crypto gaming space is that games are very basic. Sitting at a total market cap of $ 20B, expected to grow rapidly, the NFT is perfect for taking on the gaming industry and The Legends of Bezogia is doing just that with a meme-packed ridiculous fun game that gives players the option to have fun or play. Play to earn, or both. Bezogia has the power of the players.

A serious Axie Infinity competitor

Axis Infinity has been at the top of the crypto gaming space for a long time with a game that isn’t really fun to play, it’s just the biggest and most likely to play. The Legends of Bezogia will blow all this out of the water with next-generation MMO features that enable meme-filled environments, quests, monster kills, and giant games to gain systems that allow players to interact in a world full of immersive laws.

A crypto meme packed world

Bezogia’s legends are full of fun crypto memes that exist around Bezogia. These include a few of the memes; Doge, Shib, FEG, Dogelon and many more. The gaming world is also filled with crypto themed environments such as City of Bullish, Triple Top Mountain and Beer Market. The game will also feature historical crypto memorabilia, including a valen mask, a statue of Vitalic and Pizza Day.

The goal of The Legends of Bezogia is to be the gateway for newcomers to enter crypto space without high barriers and to have a great time doing so. It’s a really complicated place to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry The game will provide gamers with a fun environment for both learning and earning cryptocurrency in a community-driven environment, where community gamers can input into the game so that it becomes a big one. Large and dynamic community.

A completely decentralized NFT rental system

Players who have Bezogia (NFT in-game character) can earn Rent 2 by renting their NFTs to other gamers in The Legends of Bezogia who do not own the character. The rental system is completely decentralized and anyone who owns Bezogi NFT will be able to pay their rent and earn while doing it.

Such a system, with meme-packed worlds and to play for fun or to achieve the potential goal of bringing The Legends of Bezogia into the mainstream because players will be able to play without owning a crypto wallet. The game will feature gas-free transactions for which users will only have to sign the transaction to spend their in-game assets and it will all be linked to the DeFi platform, giving gamers direct access to QuickSwap, Aave and many more in the in-game market stall.

Unlimited possibilities

As aimed at mainstream audiences, The Legends of Bezogia is not limited to just a crypto audience and automatically creates a new wallet for players who do not own it so they can dive directly, rent an NFT and just get started. . Additionally, Bezos Earth understands that not all gamers will be able to access high-end gaming equipment so there will be a low spec mode for players with limited hardware. This gives The Legends of Bezogia an almost limitless possibility in a world where everything goes up alongside the real global crypto market.

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