The joy of wearing your hobby

I grew up fishing, but sometimes it was more than a hobby — real Hawk Finn is sitting lazily on the water’s edge waiting for something to bite Accessories. It wasn’t static fly fishing, which seemed like too much work. But then I read an article Bar Standing in the middle of the body of water was a new “glamorous way to unwind” about how a line was cast. After chewing for a while, I picked up the book by David Coggins Optimistic, Which makes it an excellent philosophical case for fly fishing. I thought I’d give it a try – I don’t need a new hobby to be glamorous, but I’m always looking for new ways to cool off. That, and I’m always greedy to fit. Lots of great, sun-beaten daddy hats, waxed cotton jackets and lots of olives. Theoretically, fly fishing seemed to be my hobby. Slow, calm and you can dress for it.

Let me tell you, dear reader, I do not fully understand this. Flyfishing: Not for me! But look? Those who are stuck around. I bought a bunch of vintage over and over again. I started wearing a swordfish hat with a long bill, often with an Orvis long-sleeve. I do not Absolutely A fisherman, but I must be dressed like one.

There is one A little A little guilt here. You may be familiar with the concept of stolen heroism: it is used to describe people who post as military veterans. Something similar exists in the world of personal style. Camou pants or red wing boots are okay, but when you show up after an outfit at an event that you’ve spent a day for the Cinder block despite spending all day zooming in, it’s okay to steal the fashion-world. And I felt guilty for continuing to wear the gear I had when I thought I was a prisoner.

But I shouldn’t feel it So Worse nowadays, it’s hard not to include in your outfit some little element of another person’s hobby (or even your own!), Even if you don’t realize you’re doing it. It could be fly fishing, Or maybe you just picked up a varsity jacket for a fictional running club in NY, although the closest you got to running for fun was reading Haruki Murakami about jogging. You don’t have to be a parent or a tennis player to own a “tennis mom” tote from Racquet Club LA. You’d rather stay warm inside than hiking in icy weather, but, damn, you’ll deal with a Jill Sander X Arch’Terrix Snowsuit heartbeat. The closest person to ceramics is hoping that one day you will have a Seth Rosen vase in your home, but you own a pair of vintage jeans with dry earthenware stains and paint them. Like me, you may have a few tomato trees and various perennial trees on your roof — but work and dress as if you were plowing a field with a lame mule.

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