The J&J Covid vaccine booster shot is 94% effective if given in two months

A healthcare clinician prepares a dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine for a passenger for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) during the inauguration of MTA’s public vaccination program at 179th Street Subway Station in Queensborough, New York City, USA, May 12, 2021

Shannon Stapleton | Reuters

Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-1 boo booster shot is 94% effective when administered two months after the first dose in the United States, the company announced Tuesday, boosting antibody levels four to six times higher than a single shot booster.

A J&J booster dose given six months from the first shot seems potentially more protective against covid, the agency said, adding that even with age, four weeks after growth, antibodies are produced twelve times more.

When given as a booster, the vaccine is well tolerated, side effects are usually seen after the initial dose, according to J&J.

“We now have evidence that a booster shot has further increased protection against Covid-1 and is expected to significantly extend the life expectancy,” Paul Staffles, J&J’s chief scientific officer, said in a statement.

New information released in a press release helps J&J approve a booster shot of 14.8 million Americans who have received the company’s single-dose vaccine to the Food and Drug Administration.

The Biden administration last month announced plans to run booster shots for Moderna and Pfizer vaccine recipients. An FDA advisory committee on Friday unanimously recommended Pfizer booster shots for f5-year-olds and other vulnerable Americans. The final decision from the agency can be expected now.

U.S. health officials say more information about the J&J vaccine is needed before they can recommend it to supporters of these shots.

The J&J booster shot has a 94% effectiveness rate for the United States, the company said. Worldwide, a booster shot given about two months after the first dose is 75% effective against noticeable infections. It has shown 100% efficacy against serious and complex diseases, it said.

The agency also released data from a real-world study that found that a single dose of its vaccine provided strong and long-lasting protection against covid-1 related hospital admissions, showing 81% efficacy a few months later.

The new single-dose data is important because it is “important to prioritize hospitalization and protection against death as much as possible due to the continued spread and rapidly evolving variant of Covid-1 of,” the agency said.

“A single shot COVID-19 vaccine that is easy to use, distribute and administer and provides strong and long-lasting protection that is critical to vaccinating the world’s population,” Staffles said.

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