The Indian version of PUBG Mobile Lite will definitely be released as BGMI Lite, Ghatak confirmed

It has been a few months since the official release of the Indian version of BGMI or PUBG Mobile. With a significant player base and millions of downloads, the game has enjoyed great success.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile Lite players are a bit disappointed as a toned-down opponent has not yet been announced. As a result, people with low-end devices were annoyed enough because they had a few options or replacements for their favorite title.

They are looking for answers in the process of tagging officials, sportspersons and content creators on various social media platforms.

Ghatak mentioned the release of BGMI lights in the future

Abhijit “Ghatak”, an important figure in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) community, has brought some consolation to Indian PUBG mobile light enthusiasts in Andhra Pradesh. He reassured the players about the possible launch of BGMI Lite in one of his Instagram stories.

Ghatak's story on his Instagram handle about the light version of BGMI (photo via Instagram)
Ghatak’s story about the light version of BGMI on his Instagram handle (via Instagram)

Fans have been seeking updates on the availability of their titles in India for several months. Ghatak’s Instagram story gave them a sense of relief.

He said the following about the BGMI Lite release:

“It will take time but BGMI Lite / PUBG Lite will definitely be released.”

Adding to Ghatak’s story, another prominent member of the game community, Sagar “Maxtern” Tagore, tweeted about the game:

“BGMI lights coming soon!”

Maxtern's tweet about BGMI Lite (via Twitter)
Maxtern’s tweet about BGMI Lite (via Twitter)

This has aroused the interest of fans, who are also eagerly waiting for the news from the developer. Although both have said that the official release of the game may take some time, no doubt it will see the light of day.

Still, no confirmation has been received from the developers about the BGMI Lite, so fans who have been eagerly waiting for a year will have to wait a little longer.

(From the timestamp of 32:30 to 33:05)

In May, Dynamo Gaming said in its live stream that the release of BGMI Lite could be on cards considering BGMI’s player base.

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