The Indian hockey team is working on key issues at the national camp, said Nicky Pradhan

Defender Nicki is one of the most experienced players in the Indian women’s hockey team. Playing 112 matches, he knows the ins and outs of the main game and what is needed to build a winning mentality among the Indian team.

After a height at the Tokyo Olympics, where the Indian women’s hockey team finished fourth – their joint best finish in the Quartet Games – they returned to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) campus in Bangalore for a national camp. This camp is to help them prepare for the upcoming season.

Nicky Pradhan said the focus of the national camp would be on the few aspects that the Indian team fell into during the Tokyo Olympics.

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The 22-year-old was of the opinion that the national hockey team was working on a number of issues that they mentioned during the Olympics.

“It is very important for us to learn from our mistakes and focus on all the mistakes we made at the Tokyo Games during our current national camp. It’s great to be back at camp after the break and to rebuild ourselves as a player. We noticed some important things during the Olympics that we have to work on and we are working on one by one. ”

The goal of the Indian hockey team is to be the best: Nicky Pradhan

The Indian women’s hockey team is in a good position and is ready to reach a higher level by setting a standard at the Tokyo Olympics. Nicky Pradhan thinks the team’s goal is to be the best team in the world. He said:

“We definitely want to win as many tournaments as possible. Our number one goal is to be the best team in the world and we still have a long way to go. We are going to take one tournament at a time and focus on building our skills on the pitch. We must have the talent to take it to any part of the world right now. ”

Talking about the positivity that the team has taken from the Tokyo Olympics, Niki Pradhan believes that the determination and faith of the Indian hockey team has set them apart and given them a new confidence. He explained:

“I think the way we have fought against the best teams in the world has shown our appetite and determination to do well on the biggest stage. However, we still have a lot to prove in the future. Great performances at the Tokyo Games Keep becoming. ”

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