The House vote on the Biden Expenditure Bill delayed Kevin McCarthy from speaking for hours

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy quickly thwarted Democrats’ plan to pass their landmark climate and social spending bill with a speech Thursday evening that lasted hours. Democrats now plan to vote on the bill Friday morning.

At 8:38 a.m., McCarthy began talking to Bromide about his stewardship of the economy against Democrats and plans to create new subsidies for child care, green energy and health insurance.

At the top of his speech, the California Republican said, “Never before in American history has so much been spent.” “This is the single most reckless and irresponsible spending bill in the history of our country.”

McCarthy The math is wrong. In fact, under Donald Trump, the GOP will spend a small fraction of the cost of tax cuts, at least according to official estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.

He also occasionally spoke about border security, crime, inflation, China, Elon Musk, Hitler, Afghanistan, the Soviet Union, Thanksgiving, and what it would have been like for America if it had not killed Abraham Lincoln.

“Tonight, Kevin McCarthy foresaw the best attack on the Republicans’ deficit reduction, inflation-backed Better Act,” the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a mocking press release. “As he moves toward the end with hope, we all wonder: does Kevin McCarthy know where he is now?”

The speech appears to have been designed to burn McCarthy’s credibility with members of his own party, whom he hopes will be elected speaker if Republicans re-elect the House in mid-2022. McCarthy often paused during his speeches to allow Democrats to have their own conversations inside the House chamber.

“The price of gas! Thanksgiving!”

– House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)

House tradition gives party leaders the power to speak as long as they wish. Pelosi (D-Calif) speaks for one Record-setting eight hours Trying to force action on an immigration bill in 2018, and former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) used the so-called “magic minute” to deliver his infamous “Hell No You Can’t” speech in 2009 against climate law.

McCarthy gave many details of the Build Back Better Act, for example, the continuation of the bill’s extended child tax credit, which pays parents $ 300 per month, to “make the labor deficit worse by keeping it small” in direct competition with the federal government’s unlimited printing press.

He also went through some weird touches, like talking for hours on end.

“Just think for a moment that in America, children cannot play outside their own property for fear of their safety from cartels and traffickers,” McCarthy said during an extended reef on crime and immigration at 10 p.m.

“I’m not talking about cities where you evade the police,” he said. “I am talking about remote livestock farms. A place that I think every American dreams of that they can one day retire, on a farm. Build again – I guess going back west. People have to protect themselves. ”

Sometimes he spoke in a soft voice. Never loud.

“You’re spending so much money!” Shortly after 11pm, he shouted, “We spent less than tonight to defeat Hitler, Mussolini, and Japan!” We spent less, but it cost us our lives. And you are celebrating it! Inflation is at 31% while you are celebrating it! The price of gas! Thanksgiving! ”

Democrats are still not satisfied that they were ready and willing to vote after the McCarthy end. And many of them have ridiculed the GOP leader on Twitter – as well as the Build Back Better broker provisions – because they had all they could do to wait for it to end.

Democrats advanced Thursday after the CBO released its official score, which was the main demand of some more moderate members of the party. The CBO estimates that the bill will add more than $ 100 billion to the deficit over a decade. Democrats insisted the bill would be completely offset.

The Senate must pass the law before it can reach President Joe Biden for its signature.

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