The House Progressives pledged to deliver President Biden’s agenda

Progressive Caucasus Chair, Rip. Pramila Jaipal (DWA) that progressives are willing to negotiate with the moderates and deliver President Biden’s agenda.

Rip’s video. Jaipal:

Representative Jaipal told reporters, “Able to do what we can Can give the whole President’s agenda We’ll be here until we get it This is done. We will work 24 hours a day, eat Pizza every night. You will make all of us sick It’s over. “

Jaipal further said that the progressives are willing to discuss,Not a number I don’t have a number. That’s what it tells you. But in the end it is not Will package. There is no offer in front of me About me. My number is 3.5. Our number is 3.5.5. Someone has a different offer, Then they can put in it Table You don’t argue against Myself If you go to buy a house, you Don’t put down an offer and Before making an offer The table says okay, I agree More than 100,000 go down. Did anyone do it? I don’t think so. This is not how we discuss. We said you don’t like it This? You are 4%. Just want to be clear. 4% don’t like it. We understand we have to come On the table. So you tell us what you want – And we’ll find out Or we can go there. “

The media is making a mistake in reunion bill coverage

Haldup is not a stalemate between progressives and moderates. Manchin and Cinema have an agenda in the Senate that is supported by 96% of Democrats in Congress.

It’s Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and Progressive vs. Manchin and Cinema. This is not a big split within the Democratic Party. It makes some senators slow everything down because they want something.

Sen Monchin supports many parts of the Reconciliation Bill and is also willing to negotiate with progressives. Manchin may get on board at some point. No one is sure where the movie’s position is, but unless he wants an initial challenge, Biden’s agenda wasn’t his best thought about sinking.

It looks like the Democrat leadership and the progressives will make a deal. The leadership may not be on the schedule that was originally wanted, but if one is frustrated, the path to success is seen.

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