The high-fashion evolution of the skeletal suits of the Phoebe Bridge

Since the release of his Sophomore album Punisher In 2020, musician Phoebe Bridgers developed the habit of wearing a skeleton-printed pajama that is more or less similar to children’s Halloween costumes. He wears a uniform – one part Cobra Kai, two parts Donnie Darko – Punisher Cover art, three of the four videos in the album cycle (“Garden Song,” “Kyoto,” and “I Know the End”), and various deep night performances and shows during the show. Bridges are big for Halloween and “likes spooky, scary things, that’s why it’s my first record. [visual theme] He is a ghost and the second is a skeleton.

Tham Brown Bridge at 2021 Grammys.

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“I wore a skeleton suit, and it’s like, ‘Damn, it’s comfortable,'” Bridgers told The Ringer last year. “So I think it’s ridiculous to be a character but that, too, is rooted in reality. Like I’ve really been wearing the same pajamas for two months. I wash them every three days, and try to find another pair online, but they’re sold out. He later revealed GQIts own corporate lunch podcast that she owns in their “15%”, which she originally bought from “this little boutique called Amazon”.

But Punisher High became one of the biggest releases of the Quarantine era এবং and the Bridgers themselves, one of the biggest breakout stars, got their skeletal PJs a glow-up of their own. She wore a beaded skeleton dress to the Grammys in March from Thom Brown’s Spring 2018 collection, which became the inspiration for all of this: And I thought it was beautiful, “Bridgers told EK! On the Grammys carpet.” And I wanted it. I basically stole it. Naturally, late last month, she wore a custom Gucci beaded skeleton waist coat to the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City.

A shiny skeleton in Charlotte in September.

Jeff Hann

Some things in this life are trying harder than physical things. A constant reminder of our own death, living in a body requires a lot of internal and external maintenance and encourages a lot of mental and emotional acrobatics. Wearing skeletal clothing across global epidemics can be a little more ill than the purpose of the bridge. But as her dress grows thematically, our bodies can also feel at home, even as we become more painfully aware of how we move around those bones and joints. “Surviving on my body is so much more fun,” Bridgers said GQ In 2019. And if there are skeletal beads and beds, all is well.

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