The hellish purgatory of the Philadelphia 76ers

To consider this, this pen is again to touch the page, with intense, instant remorse – even with real nausea. The state of the Philadelphia 76ers, which has been increasingly discussed in silly language for nearly a decade, has not been easy to ignore. In fact, it now seems to be the culmination of their bizarre, four-year “historic historic defeat” project, which is exactly five years of epic organizational turnover, bizarre ego clashes on the roster and the overall mix of signifiers, results and expectations that have created a situation and opinion. Which is almost impossible to speak rationally.

Sadly, it will not end, and in fact it may be just the beginning of a chapter that is not the end, but only the back of this monstrously stupid story. Such is the moment between the Sixers and their isolated star guard-wing hybrid, Ben Simmons. Simmons’ position on trade claims coincides with his team’s previous, candid suggestion that they have lost faith in him to create a situation where it is probably not possible for Philadelphia to expel him from a raw talent perspective without getting worse. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of historical comparisons to what’s happening here – one, with a lot of differences, comes to mind: the 1995 relationship between Dennis Rodman and San Antonio Spurs.

Rodman, because of how badly he clashed with David Robinson and the overall Spurs culture, was traded to a deal that cost him the most significant talent loss of all time when he moved to the Chicago Bulls for Will Purdue. There is a lot of difference between what Simmons is feeling with his team, though, ’95 includes a deep career experienced and fully known amount of Rodman, who was humbly paid and at the end of the boot deal. Simmons’ cultural inconsistency in Philadelphia is similar to the level of pure volume – a scene where he returns to the Sixers homecourt, a member of the home team or away, and out of the question of not being encouraged on an invisible level. – He’s in a different part of his career.

It’s a 25-year-old who has made three All-Star teams, won an All-NBA election, finished second in the Defensive Player of the Year voting, and has four years left on his contract, according to (many) of those achievements. Many also feel that there is a lot of potential in it, unused. Trading him to improve the vibrancy, at this particular time, is like selling your house you bought four years ago at a loss, just to feel something. Daryl Moore, the general manager of the Sixers, is aware of this gap between passion and basketball, and as such he holds firmly to his non-commercial position like Simmons and his agent Rich Paul (notorious clutch sports). Other parties interested in Simmons have made an offer here and there, but they are making less ball according to ground level, and the reports they have received from Mori suggest that he is not really serious about removing the No. 2 man any time soon.

His No. 1 man, meanwhile, makes stand-still more impossible whenever he comes near the microphone. Long-dormant, passive-aggressive mastermind Joel MBD manages to dig the grave into his every edited desire to report Simmons to the Sixers training camp. Another memorable turning point in my mind came on Media Day, when MBD suggested that after returning to the team, Simmons should learn to collect more offensive rebounds from MBD’s missed post-up shots. MBD has spoken at length on Media Day, and can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but at the moment there was an incomprehensible translation of his words, “Dear friend, please come back here to be my garbage man.”

It was an analysis that conveniently eliminated MBID’s own flaws as a player. When he posted last season he had the most, as his team decided to build their half-court offense basically around that action স Simmons often camped along the baseline, hunting for that tip-in or putback dunk opportunity. Although, more often than not, there is money left on the table, as Simmons’ defender will drop him off in a double-team MBE, or pick him up after he gets his initial defender. So far, the big man has not fully learned how to punish these defensive pile-ons and rotations, as he has earned more turnover than assists during his career, with which he is increasing inequality in the next season of the game.

But since the MBID Sixers have embraced the Phantom and the general Philadelphia Lorra flag – and, to be honest, most basketball fans don’t see the game with something that can be properly called practice – this and other flaws have been forgiven. MBED seems to be hiding on Twitter and studying the conversations of the most intense members of the Sixers community, echoing their biggest emotions in interviews, even taking “process” as its nickname to mix pain and joy in the feelings of Philly fans. Their organization deliberately destroyed itself from 2013 to 2016.

It goes without saying that MBD’s superiority is over-evaporated, or that he is not the man to make his franchise. His improvement as a skilled volume scorer has been remarkable and he has long been one of the best defensive players in the game’s most important position. But the romantic, almost startlingly popular version of Philly’s protagonist, where he has significantly changed his game to accommodate Simmons, is ridiculously wrong. (Contrary to this method of thinking এবং and the objects that MBEAD has said – Embed’s three-point shooting rate has not shifted significantly where he played his first season without Simmons, to make more gaps; Likes To take those shots).

The reality is much different – grosser, more brutal, and more obvious around: MBEAD and Simmons had a whirlwind battle, and MBEAD won. This is because he has improved a bit more as a player, and definitely in a more immediately noticeable way. That’s also the reason, where Simmons comes short is visible to everyone: he’s not good at stress, when everyone is actually watching. But MBED also won by scoring so many goals because he applied more willpower to the situation. He has won over fans and the media, as well as those in power in the Sixers. And the Sixers, due to a lack of synthesis between the two players (which we must note, neither of them tried to form visually) is now trying to bring Simmons back to the point where he was clearly sublimated, subjugated, minimized, nullified, shrunk.

Despite the team’s success it played as badly as possible. Simmons is hated in Philadelphia, where MBED is a favorite, but all reasonable people know that this inconsistency will make the team worse because Simmons refuses to play in it and for that reason they will probably inevitably have to accept it as a trade return. For him. And if you think about it for a long time, you can’t come up with a reason to go back to Simmons that doesn’t make sense. MBED, in a sense, is the winner of the war, but he has clearly lost his way to greater glory. Simmons may seem like the next winner, but at the moment he’s probably eating the same bad food as the NBA player. It’s all rather unpleasant, and it doesn’t seem to be nearing the end at all. If it is anyway, this pen will be grateful.

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