The head of the Libyan Presidency Council has announced plans to hold an international conference – a global issue

“Libya is at a critical juncture আস indeed a determined moment,” said Mohammed Younis Menfi, president of the presidency of the national government, during his private speech at the annual debate of the UN General Assembly.

“Either we succeed in our democratic transition through free, fair and transparent elections, the results of which are acceptable to all … Or we fail and split into armed conflicts“There are many challenges facing the country before the vote,” he said.

There is a ceasefire, but the challenge remains

Mr Menfie said that despite efforts to break the ceasefire and resolve any differences between the Libyan parties and work with the Joint Military Committee to open the road connecting the east and west of the country, “the problem of moving tenants and foreign troops out of the country is a real challenge.” As remains.

“In this regard, we urge the international community to shoulder its responsibility to support the response efforts. [the challenges posed by foreign forces]Aiming to ensure a conducive environment for safe, fair and transparent elections.

He said there has been a presidency council since taking office Sufficient progress has been made to ensure full implementation of agreed commitmentsIn particular, the roadmap, which includes political dialogue, the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the so-called Berlin process, is the result of German-facilitated efforts to support UN mediation to end the conflict in Libya.

“However, we face serious challenges and rapid development that forces us to consider more realistic and practical options to help us. Avoid a political stalemate that could damage the upcoming election and turn us into a class., “He said.

National discussion after an international conference

With all this in mind, the President of the Presidency Council made two announcements. First, he said he would go a long way in maintaining the political process and protecting the country from a more complex political crisis.

It will focus on meetings between stakeholders representing relevant military and political organizations to facilitate an agreement on effective guarantees for maintaining the political process and conducting free and fair elections with results acceptable to all Libyans.

Working along this track requires a compromising attitude from All, attitude of responsibility and putting the interests of the state above all, ”he stressed.

He noted that in recent years, Libya has seen a number of international initiatives and proposals aimed at resolving the crisis, none of which have enjoyed the necessary conditions for success.

Thus, he continued, to restore the sense of purpose and to ensure that any future initiatives would be owned and led by Libya, He announced plans to hold an international conference in October.

“Based on previous Libya results, [the proposed conference] In order to ensure the continuation of international support in an integrated, coherent and coherent manner in line with a broad national vision. ”

National Reunion

Mr. Menfie insisted National reconciliation will be important for any political process and for achieving political stability. Therefore, the Libyan leadership gave it the highest priority. It established the High Commission for National Reconciliation and introduced extensive coordination in September.

He said many steps were being taken to restore confidence among Libyans, the first of which was the exchange of prisoners and the release of many prisoners who had been sentenced or acquitted.

“But We all know that the path to reunion is long and difficult And to reach the end, transitional justice, truth, open application, past wrongdoing, compensation and identification of the missing are all necessary. Only with these steps can we move forward towards a successful real national reunion, ”he concluded.

The full statement in Arabic is here.

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