The Green Bay Packers must beat Debo Samuel to beat the San Francisco 49ers

Debo Samuel
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After disappointing the Detroit Detroit Symbus Monday night football, Aaron Rogers and Green Bay Packers head west for a showdown with the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night. The Niners are one of the remaining seven unbeaten teams in the NFL after the second week, three of which are in the NFC West.

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel led the way for the Niners. Someone named Debo should not be taken lightly. Through the first two games of the season, Samuel is leading the league at the reception yard (282), YAC (155), and per game yard (141). I’m sure Samuel is licking his chops, knowing what awaits him for 3 weeks at home. Samuel is going to do those Packers Secondary for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Poached eggs, roast duck, barbecue chicken, whatever Samuel wants, he will get against the packers.

We already know the player to see the secondary in Green Bay. And trust me, if we know it, Kyle Shanahan knows it undeniably. Jimmy Garoppolo is not known for firing the ball deep down the field, but I’m sure he’ll try to give Samuel a few shots whenever Kevin King covers him. Even Jared Goff and the Lions were rocking the King in the first half of their MNF rate to the Packers.

After last season’s NFC Championship game against Tampere, I was still shocked to see King play in Green Bay. It was a challenging game for the 26-year-old cornerback, who apparently chose the whole game. Tom Brady and the receivers got him repeatedly, and Leonard Fornet ran behind him to get him to the goal line in a touchdown run. I’ll give the king some credit because he keeps getting up after he falls down, but you’re just wondering how much longer he can continue after frying so often.

Since 2012, the Niners have won 3-3 against the Packers in the playoffs. Samuel and those Niners expect to exploit King and the entire Packers early in the secondary and often on Sundays. It’s a game where we get to see more of the Rookie quarterback Tray Lance in some gadget plays For niners. Shanahan may want to get him open and use his athletes against Green Bay. Give them Flashback to Colin Copernicus Many years ago.

Although I think the Rogers and Packers will keep it off, I don’t see them leaving the Bay Area with their second win of the season. Watch Samuel make a huge impact in a game where he has about 125 yards and about 100 yards. I hope Deebo will be rude on the packers in the most entertaining way.

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