The Fox Reporter’s claim that the border is open leads to a heated exchange with Jane Saki

On Thursday, sparks flew when White House Press Secretary Jane Saki strongly pushed the idea that America’s southern border was wide after Fox News senior White House correspondent Peter Dusi claimed it.

They exchanged views during a press briefing at the Daily White House on Thursday.

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Psychic duck and dodge

Ducey said about 15,000 immigrants gathered in Del Rio, Texas, on Saturday. Yet when you look at the numbers based on immigrants that Psaki said were expelled or abandoned, Dusi said that number dropped below 5,000.

“Say there’s still 5,000 left, where’s the rest?” Dusi asks.

Psaki, as has become commonplace, promised that they would return.

Dusi pressured him, “We understand that most of these people are in the process of being removed, being put on a bus from Del Rio to El Paso and Laredo, or being taken to Tucson without any covid test unless they show symptoms.”

“How is this helping someone stop the spread?” Dusi asked.

Psaki replied, “We have a protocol and process because it relates to covid in testing and segregation and provides vaccines for a range of immigrants.”

“What is happening now … is that if people cannot be deported under Title 42, they are being kept in the process of removal,” he added.

Psaki: ‘Well, of course not an open border’

The press secretary noted that some of the detainees had been taken to the detention facility or given notice to appear in court.

A notice to appear means that they have been released and a date has been given for them to appear in court in respectable arrangements.

Dusi kept pressing, “But why would anyone in Laredo, Texas or El Paso or Tuscan, Arizona say they have a chance to catch a coyote because there’s an open border hundreds of miles away?”

“Okay, of course there’s no open border,” Psyche said sternly.

“We continue to use our immigration process and procedures and restrictions at the border, including the implementation of the title cing2,” he added.

What did Dusi do? You guessed it.

Dusi told Saki “You say the border is not open but our teams have told us that you guys are leaving almost all family units, couples where women say they are pregnant or single women who say they are pregnant and in fact no one needs to have a pregnancy test unless they Wants … “

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Psyche then cuts him off and seems to want to change the subject.

“Are you suggesting that you don’t believe when women say they’re pregnant?” Saki said frustrated. “Do we think it’s a big problem at the border?”

“I’m not responsible for securing the border,” Dusi countered. “You.”

“Do you think pregnant women are posing a big threat to the border?” Psaki asked.

“You tell me,” Dusi fired back.

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