The former WWE employee believes that Vince McMahon is very concerned about AEW

All elite wrestling has gained a lot of momentum in 2021 and former WWE referee Mike Chioda believes Vince McMahon has noticed.

In the latest edition of Mailbag with Mike Chiodar on Monday, Chiodar was asked if he believes Vince McMahon is concerned about all elite wrestling. The former WWE referee gave a very interesting response.

“Yeah, I think he is,” said Mike Chioda. “He always wants to be on top. I’ve seen him destroy and set foot in many parts of the country and the world. He wants to be number one. Everyone wants to be number one in their game, in their game. Career, or owning a company. I’m definitely I think he’s very worried right now because they’re getting some good talent. I know Vince. Vince is worried. “

Mike Chioda Why he believes Vince McMahon is concerned about AEW

All elite wrestling is certainly gaining momentum at the moment, and Chioda Vince McMahon went on to make a list of some of the key factors that should be concerned about WWE’s biggest competition.

“AEW’s rating is rising. People are interested,” Mike Chioda continued. “I’m excited to see AEW. They’re selling stadiums. The power in the crowd is tremendous now. They’ve gone from one show to two shows now. Everyone’s talking about AEW.”

Although Vince McMahon will probably continue to pretend that he does not see AEW as a threat if a former WWE employee who has worked with McMahon for years believes he is. We are definitely moving towards 2022.

Do you think Vince McMahon is worried about all elite wrestling? What improvements do you want him to make with current WWE products? Let us know your thoughts by closing the comments section below.

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