The first Formula 1 হয়ে partnership with Pierre Gasley Phantom to offer a kind of NFT for driver fans

Blockchain technology coming to Formula 1 to partner with Pierre Gasley Phantom to bring NFT to the world’s fastest game

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) took the world by storm in 2021. The artificial sector that preceded the cryptocurrency market that was known to shut down the Ethereum network with the crypto kitty has emerged as a rapidly growing subset of the crypto market with billions of dollars. There are transactions every month.

The slow transaction speed with unexpected and high transaction fees has highlighted the power of the new smart contract platforms in addition to making the Etherium network accessible to the average user. In this next-generation protocol, the Phantom stands for its 1-second transaction time and consistent, low-cost transactions.

Phantom’s capabilities have not been noticed by the larger crypto community and popular NFT projects. Pumpkitens Has successfully adopted user friendly network.

The ecosystem has also caught the eye and won the respect of famous influential and sporting personalities, including Grand Prix-winning Formula 13 Driver Pierre Gasley, who recently announced a partnership with Phantom to give fans the opportunity to buy NFTs linked to physical resources that recall Gasley’s career highlights.

As the fastest moving game in the world, Formula 1 has entertained and thrilled fans for decades but is usually enjoyed on television screens that do not give the same excitement that a dedicated runner meets a popular driver in person.

Now, thanks to blockchain technology and the power of smart compacts, fans have a new way to show their love for Formula 1 and a rare piece of history when entering for the opportunity to meet their favorite driver in person.

This groundbreaking partnership makes Gasley the first ের 1 ের driver for NFT release for fans. The sale is set to go live on Wednesday, October 20, with three unique, 1-of-1 NFT auctions representing Pierre setting foot on an F1 podium each time.

Each of these NFTs will be redeemable for both unique physical objects and real-life experiences, including the opportunity to experience VIP with Pierre on Race Weekend.

There will also be an additional fourth NFT consisting of 350 separate tokenized pieces to be purchased starting at 2pm UTC on Friday 22 October which will be accompanied by a special edition merchandise.

Fans interested in these limited edition items can access them on the Arsenal NFT Marketplace, where users can use WFTM to bid on four pieces, and can also be used to purchase separate pieces of Phantom-based tokens ZOO and TOMB IV. NFT. All auctions will close at 2pm on Saturday October 2021 at UTC.

80 Formula 1 ™ Grand Prix Under his belt, Rouen, a 25-year-old from France, uniquely helped introduce the world of NFT and blockchain technology to Formula 1 fans.

According to Gasley, a well-known crypto and NFT enthusiast, “We’ve been planning to drop this NFT with Phantom for quite some time, but often with innovative projects, our initial excitement hides the level of complexity behind it.”

The finished product is now on the starting line and ready for its universal debut, both Formula 1 ™ fans and Phantom Network are about to start fan interaction and engagement in high gear.

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