The FBI has recorded a record 0% increase in homicides in 2020

Last year was really a horror show.

As if a devastating global pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, a global reckoning of racism and police brutality, and a controversial U.S. election 2020 were not enough to cement, especially for 12 months, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released its Uniform Crime Report on Monday. And homicides have increased by 30% in the last year.

The recent FBI data is not only significant, as it is the first time in four years that the estimated number of violent crimes in the country has increased compared to last year. But it’s the largest single-year increase in homicides since the FBI began collecting data in the 1960s.

The report counts 21,570 homicides last year – a tragic figure that is still lower than the height reported in the early 1990s, including about 25,000 homicides in 1991 alone.

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But it should be noted that this is an incomplete report, since only 85% of law enforcement agencies (more than 18,000 to 15,875) submitted their data in 2020. In fact, participants in this report are alright, and major cities such as New York, Chicago and New Orleans have not submitted their data since last year, CNN noted.

The FBI estimates that 1,277,696 violent crimes were committed last year, putting the rate of violent crime at 387.8 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, up 5.6% from the previous year. The estimated number of robberies and rapes decreased by 9.3% and 12%, respectively, while serious attacks increased by 12.1%, and the crime of murder and unlawful murder increased by 29.4%.

Law enforcement agencies made an estimated 7.6 million arrests nationwide last year, excluding arrests for traffic violations.

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In the summer, President Joe Biden announced a plan to tackle the rising national tide of violent crime, with a special focus on gun violence. In fact, a new FBI report found that three-quarters (%%) of the murders reported last year were caused by a firearm.

Earlier this year, a report found that gun sales had reached record levels in 2020, with about 23 million firearms being legally purchased, up 65% from 2019.

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