The embarrassment: UN women say the word ‘woman’ is excluded

By Kimberly Els for the Daily Signal

UN Women, the United Nations organization responsible for advancing the cause of women around the world, seems to have erased any credibility for itself and as a women’s rights organization.

UN Women announced in July 2011 that it would focus on “equality of all genders” (as I wrote here) rather than just women’s rights. It is one of the many organizations that take up the cause of non-biological “women’s” rights to claim femininity, which is a cause of fear for all kinds of women’s rights groups.

The company went one step further. In a document entitled “Twelve Small Actions with Big Impact for Generational Equality”, the organization states:

Terms such as ‘male or female’ and ‘female or male’ exclude non-binary and intersex individuals who do not fall into these categories … everyday language plays a huge role in breaking down gender stereotypes and rejecting ‘male and female binary’. Instead of using phrases like ‘woman and gentleman’ or ‘boy and girl’, substitute for a gender-neutral word like ‘man’, ‘child’ or ‘everyone’.

But UN Women has not yet taken its own advice. If that happened then “UN Women” would be thrown in the way of a less aggressive name. “UN Focus” has a nice ring. Or maybe “UN you” would be better.

Family in danger?

The problem is more damaging than the increasingly ridiculous semantics. The growing insistence that “femininity,” “masculinity,” and “nonbinary-hood” are cursed to occupy যৌ the genitals and chromosomes এটি is a movement radical feminist Shulamith Firestone articulated and supported as her philosophical descendants decades ago.

Firestone said, “The ultimate goal of the feminist revolution must be … to end not only the masculinity, but also the gender difference.” And he meant it.

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Progress as a non-binary factor, Firestone said, “is that genetic differences between people will no longer be culturally important.” He is saying that it will not matter at all if a person is male or female socially or legally.

If true, it would be illegal to distinguish between the two. Perhaps we are still not at that point in our society – yet. But policy decisions at the local, national and international levels have drawn our attention to that.

Nationally, the most recent example of this is the vote of the House Armed Services Committee for women to register for a draft called “Gender Equality”.

Locally, the fight over school bathroom access is a powerful example of blurring lines between genders.

Internationally, the UN and countless other initiatives are pushing the world towards eliminating gender inequality between women and men legally and culturally, driven by transgender activism and the “gender equality” initiative.

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“We won’t delete!” A common slogan in trans activism now. They claim that classifying people into the ancient class of “male” and “female” socially and legally removes individuals who do not consider themselves.

What UN women and other UN agencies seem to be working on is what Firestone dreamed of in a world – a world where biological sexuality is not recognized as a specific feature of a person’s identity. In such a world, the words “same sex” and “opposite sex” become meaningless.

The words “mother” and “father” also lose meaning because these words would be gender-specific and, therefore, illegal or discriminatory. The resting chromosomes in the cells of our body will be considered as irrelevant or hostile enemies of our true nature.

What would be the end result of a mass movement to abolish the recognition of physical sex? Firestone said that in such a society, “the oppression of the biological family will be broken.”

As it becomes clearer, the goal of the sexual revolution in all its manifestations – including the heterosexual principle of abolishing physical sex – is to break up and destroy the family.

But interestingly, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “The family is a natural and fundamental group of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state.”

However, in the last 20 years, UN actions, programs and agreements have not shown much enthusiasm for the family. In fact, one could say that there has been a deadly fight to break it.

But there is some good news. It will be impossible to eliminate or destroy the family in the end. Since the family is rooted in human innate regenerative physiology, men and women will continue to exist no matter what we do or say.

Men and women will also continue to produce children. And those children will turn their parents’ hearts back to them as if nothing else could. And offensive and repulsive words “mother,” “father,” “male,” and “female” will survive and be spoken of with joy instead of contempt again.

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UN Women can say whatever they please to themselves, but women are here to stay.

Syndicated with permission from Daily Signal.

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