The economy is weird now – because dot com

The number of jobs is lower than expected, supply chains in various industries have collapsed, cargo ships have been backed up in ports, and Biden is pulling Trump, insisting we will “buy American.” This Monday Because the round table, Matt Welch, Catherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie are now trying to guess what is happening to the economy..

Featured on the show:

1:09: Expected number of jobs, supply chain failures and cargo ships backed up. Is this all new normal?

18:52: Workers strike over vaccine orders clashes with Biden’s pro-union agenda.

36:28: Weekly Audience Q: When it comes to our country’s budgeting process, when do you all expect the proverbial financial proverbial-economic finale to close that imposes a new financial reality on all of us?

48:00: Media recommendation for the week.

This week’s links:

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Audio production by Ian Kisser
Co-produced by Reagan Taylor
Music: The Brothers Steve’s “Angelin”

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