The earnings of Twitch Streamers were unveiled. Now, this is a meme

Usually at Twitch, The rally shouted “Let’s get the top five, baby!” Refers to a video game leaderboard. Now, in the wake of a catastrophic data breach, the gaming world has turned its attention to a new leaderboard: one that ranks streamers according to how much money they make from Twitch.

An unnamed 4chan user leaked 125 gigabytes of data from a streaming platform after a circus of controversy washed up on the Internet on Wednesday, which included payment information for 10,000 Twitch streamers. Twitch later confirmed the breach, saying a server configuration change allowed a “malicious third party” to access the data. Between August 2019 and October 2021 subscriptions, donations and advertising extensive revenue data went viral instantly on 4chan, Twitter, Reddit and other social media. (Several streamers have stated that the information is mostly accurate, although Twitch Payments does not represent their sole source of income.) And while streamers are understandably concerned about potential privacy risks related to data breaches, Earnings.

Referring to Twitch’s Prime subscription, top streamer Ludwig Ahgren headlined his live stream yesterday, “NUMBA 6 BEGS for Primes”. Twenty-four thousand viewers tuned. Scrolling through a website that organizes payment information on a leaderboard, Ahgren types the usernames of the various streamers they have created. (The website has since been removed.) At one point, Ahgren called another streamer, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, to continue the gossip fest. “Number six!” Renaud shouted greetings to Ahgren. “You have to scroll to see my number. It’s embarrassing. ”

“I never want to hide how much I make, so I’m ready to make a meme out of it,” Ahgren told Wired. “I had a meme for a while: big numbers, good people. When you are a content creator, you feel how big your value as a person is, directly related to how much money you make. “(Ludwig has confirmed that he has earned about 3 3.3 million through Twitch subscriptions, bits and ads between late 2016 and October 2021.)

All day yesterday, streamers and their fans mentioned their favorite gaming celebrities with their numbers on the now dysfunctional Twitch Income leaderboard. In the popular Twitch Gossip Subredited R / LivestreamFail, “# 23 Talking to # 6,” “# 137’s Worst Nightmare” or even “# 6, # 188, # 264, # 280, # 269, # 343, # 414, # 550, # 1049 and # 1905 to defeat Team # 28. “

Part of the meme’s motivation came from just paying huge amounts to the streamers. According to the leaked information, the top 81 streamers earned more than 1 1 million each through Twitch towards the end of 2019. The top five each earned more than 5 million. While financial information was explosive, it’s not news that some streamers raise millions. In fact, intelligent viewers themselves may be able to estimate the revenue information of some streamers without the need for leaks. Most subscriptions cost িম 5 for streamers with partner status and Twitch takes 50 percent of that revenue. So if a partner pays স্ট 5 a month to 50 subscribers of the streamer, that streamer will earn 125 125 a month from subscriptions only. On top of that, streamers will make money from bit donations (which turn off Twitch 30 percent) and partner program ads (which turn off Twitch 20 to 30 percent), according to Alex Curry, a gaming influencer marketing strategist at Upfluence.

“This leak highlights how profitable streaming can be, and we’re just talking about direct revenue from Twitch (sub + ads + bits),” Curry said. Although this is not the whole picture of streamers ’earnings. “In these statistics, you can add brand collaboration, sponsorship, merchandising and donations. So the reality of the top streamer pay is significantly higher than that.” The hacker’s data wasn’t included in the dump – could be huge. Yesterday, in a spreadsheet, Ahgren shared that by the end of 2019 and by 2021, he had earned $ 3,000,000, or 44 percent of his income, beyond sponsors.

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