The director of the opening ceremony of the Olympics fired for the Holocaust “joke”

The director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Summer Olympics has been fired after showing footage of a 1998 comedy sketch that made him an antisemitic Holocaust joke.

Kentaro Kobayashi was relieved of his duties just a day before the opening ceremony of the Summer Games in Japan.

The organizing committee confirmed Kobayashi’s departure in a statement. It explained that the creative director was removed from his post “after he made public the joke he made about a painful historical event in the past.”

“Shortly before the opening ceremony, we extend our deepest condolences for any crime committed and this issue may be deeply saddened by the many people involved in the Olympic Games as well as the citizens of Japan and the world.” Council.

Kobayashi, known for his work as a comedian, actor and theater director, appeared in 1998 as part of the comedy duo Rahmans. During a sketch, Kobayashi and Jean Katgiri parody for a children’s educational activity. According to the AFP news agency, Kobayashi mentioned some paper puppet cutouts, saying “since then you have said ‘let’s play Holocaust’.”

His speech brought a smile to the faces of the audience.

Footage shared Online And it has been condemned by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugar, who called the comments “offensive and unacceptable.”

Kobayashi issued an apology to local news: “I am in the business of entertaining people. It should never be that I make people feel uncomfortable. I realized that my choice of words like a fool at that time was a mistake, and I regretted it.

Keigo Wamada, one of the authors of the event, offered his resignation a few days after his resignation, when an old magazine interview was republished, in which he confessed to the violence of other classmates, including his classmates at school.

The committee called Wama’s actions “absolutely unacceptable.” A four-minute part of the show where his music was played has now been cut.

There is no confirmation on how Kobayashi’s departure will affect the program or whether it is expected to reduce its contribution.

The opening ceremony introduces the Olympic Games and is usually a high-production-value show, highlighting the cultural wonders of the host nation and setting the tone for a fortnight of sporting excellence.

According to Reuters, this year’s event is a matter of further decline. Epidemic-suspended games have thrown up challenge after challenge Athletes are reporting an increase in the number of cases after testing positive for Covid and Tokyo.

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