The death of Gabby Petito has ruled out a murder, the FBI has confirmed

According to the FBI, the human bodies found in a national park in Wyoming were confirmed to be Gabriel Petito, who further stated that the method of death was intended for murder.

In a statement, the FBI said the body found Sunday was taken to the Teton County Coroner’s Office, where forensic examination confirmed Mrs. Petito’s identity and the method of death. The exact cause of death was still awaiting an autopsy, the agency said.

Michael Snyder, a special agent in charge of the FBI in Denver, said in a statement that anyone with information about Brian Laundry, Mrs. Petito’s fiance, who went on a cross-country road trip with him this summer and was named should contact the agency.

Mr The Snyder said: “The FBI and our partners are dedicated to confirming those responsible or involved in Ms Petito’s death.”

The FBI said Tuesday that a forensic search of the camping area where Ms. Petito’s body was found had ended. The FBI also said that anyone who was in the camping area from Aug. 27 to Aug. 0 would contact the agency.

The wreckage was found in the Spread Creek Displaced Camping Area in the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the eastern boundary of Grand Teton National Park.

Lawyers for both families did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday evening.

The case has attracted a lot of attention, as journalists Gathered outside the laundry home, and some in the public hated the couple’s Instagram accounts, which portrayed a seemingly indifferent, nomadic “van life” in the American West.

Meanwhile, Mr. A search of Carlton Reserve in the 2,565-acre park in Sarasota County for laundry continued, with North Port police, a day after the flyer, said they had “finished all the way” to the park.

In a statement Tuesday, North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor said the reserve was “sometimes a huge and unforgivable place.”

“It is currently deep in waist water in many areas,” he said. “It’s a dangerous job for search workers, as they wander through gator- and snake-infested swamps and flooded hiking and biking trails.”

North Port police shared a video of their search on Tuesday. In the video, Mr. Taylor says the drones are being used for area surveys, which are about 75 percent underwater.

Mrs. Petito in July. He set out for a cross-country adventure in a white Ford van with laundry. September 1, Mr. The laundry, driving the white van, registered Mrs. Petito, the couple who used it for travel, returned to the North Port home where she lived with her parents and Mrs. Petito.

Ten days later, on September 11, Mrs. Petito was reported missing by her parents, police said.

Within days of Ms. Petito’s disappearance, authorities arrested Mr. Petito. Expressed frustration at trying to talk to Laundry.

Mr. Laundry lawyer Steven Bartolino said late Monday that he had canceled a news conference for Tuesday after talks with the FBI.

“No assumptions should be made from this statement,” he said.

Bartolino declined to give details about his contacts with the agency.

Maria Kramer contributed to the report.

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