The comedian is leaving a ridiculous impression of Facebook Spokes

Comedian Blair Erskine jumped into character as a spokesman for Facebook on Monday to deal with the hours-long break on the platform, and he couldn’t care less about ridicule.

“We just want to say here on Facebook, I thought you deleted Facebook,” Erskin, as a spokesman, started the 47-second clip, which has now been viewed more than half a million times on Twitter alone.

“We just think it’s kind of funny that everyone was like #DeleteFacebook last night and then this morning they were like #FacebookDown,” he said, referring to anger after Whistleblower’s allegations about the company this week. “You know, because, which one is it? Have you already deleted it or is it down? Because if you delete it, it can’t be down.

Erskine has ridiculed Facebook users for just having a platform to listen to them and pull out the MySpace-themed ginger.

Then came the concluding punchline:

“And I guess the last thing we want to say is, good luck remembering your mother’s birthday, you’re chi chi.”

Erskine’s previous viral videos include this disguised senator communicating with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) after fleeing his winter-storm-hit state to Cancun for a vacation.

And it’s about Donald Trump supporters frozen after a former president’s rally in Omaha, Nebraska:

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